Graduating from University is something a lot of people look forward to. They are tired of all the sleepless nights and concoction rice. Some people however, really are not looking forward to that time and here is why:

1) All the pressure

Nigerian parents will pressure you on a normal day, but the thing about graduation is that they believe it is meant to begin a domino effect. Graduate, good job, marriage, children etc. It does not work that way, and it seems a lot of people have forgotten. It is not you that killed Jesus

2) Time

You start to feel guilty for all the time you spend relaxing because you could be using it to do something like applying for jobs and preparing for NYSC. Whenever an opportunity comes to relax and enjoy, you turn it down.

3) Broke

No money from school, and no job, so no salary. Your pockets are always empty and it seems there is no way out of it.

4) Lack of structure

With school comes a plan and a general idea of how your day will go, but as a graduate those plans are not there. There is nothing set in stone. You freestyle each day, hoping you are not wasting away.

5) Fear

With school came a safety net. When you graduate, you are thrown into the real world, and it is not a fun place to be.



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