We all hate school stress. The annoying routine of lectures, course notes that never seem to end, materials that don’t always have a point and every other thing in between. That is why these yearbook photos are so relatable. The quotes are definitely going to remain evergreen for us.

1. The ideal acknowledgements.

If only we can be honest in the acknowledgement page of our final year projects and term papers. Then our lecturers will know that we learned a lot more from these sources than school.

2. Everything was hell.

A living hell, because sometimes you wonder how your life is going to end, if you’re ever going to survive this, and what will happen to you in this life.

3. Speaking of group projects…

The mantra for everyone doing group projects with fellow course mates.

5. Experiencing sorrow but maintaining beauty.

Never to be caught unfresh. That’s the code.

6. This is for all those people mindlessly chasing first class.

Patience Ozokwor, oyinbo version.

7. The truth and nothing but the truth.

There is no lie in this at all. A total waste of make-up, of clothes, of transport fare sef.

8. Freedom at last.

Because this is really how it feels, after everything. Freedom, even if it’s a temporary one.

9. A rejoinder which is the whole truth of our lives.

You’re never done. From primary school to secondary school to tertiary institutions and it keeps going on.

10. This major awakening.

Sis, we–

11. If this is not a majority of us.

A man who bypassed all rules.



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