Some people don’t like peace of mind. They come into your life with one purpose: dragging you through the mud. We’ve already told you how to identify them, but if for some reason you find yourself entangled with a mudslinger who is about to do what they do best, here’s what to do.

Warn them

If you suspectyour partner is about to open the floodgates of embarrassment and mud on your head, tell them not to even dream of it. That way, when you start moving mad, you can say boldly that you warned them, but they didn’t listen.

Report them

Find someone they love or respectand tell them that their child is moving like Lucifer after they threw him from heaven, then hope for your sake that they relay your message to the mudslinger that has bought space in your heart.

Stain their white 

If you feel like the LOYL is about to embarrass you and drag you through the mud, embarrass them first. It might not be your thing, but it’s better for them than for you. Chances are their white is already stained and they’re shameless AF, though.

Get your receipts

If, for some reason, you decide to remain with them, we advise that you first find out if all is well with you. After that, get evidence of some rubbish they’ve done before (don’t worry, you’ll find something) and hold it close to your chest. That way, when they come and try to rub dirt on your name, you can fight fire with fire and pay them back in their own wicked coins.

Ignore it all

Will this come back to bite you in the bum? Most likely. But if you truly do not have the strength to go mud for mud with them, then you better bury your head in the sand and ignore it all. Or outsource the mudslinging to more capable hands. This is where your friends come in.

Outsource the battle

Believe it or not, you’ve gotten entangled with a dirty person and are now in a mud-slinging contest. Gather your friends and their exes together if you want a chance at victory.


The second you feel like your baby might be moving like a baby devil, pack your bags and leave them in that relationship. 



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