As we’ve seen lately, the possibility of your partner ruining your white by is higher than the levels of shege the Nigerian government has put us through. It can happen at any time, while you’re sitting on your own in your house or after you just got serenaded by THE Usher Raymond. We care about the whiteness of your clothes and your peace of mind, so here are a couple signs you need to look out for to avoid public disgrace and ridicule.

Their favorite book is 48 laws of power 

If you see the book anywhere near them, just run. Nothing good comes from reading that book.

You’ve seen them move mad before

If you’ve seen them move like they’ve been possessed before for no reason, it’s probably best to use the door and never come back. Just because, they’re yet to yell in your face, and act a fool, doesn’t mean your turn won’t come. 

They think you take things too seriously 

They’ll sneak diss you with their “jokes” and then start shouting, “I’m just playing” when you refuse to take the insult. 

They say they are traditional 

Nothing good has ever come from a person who uses the word “traditional“  to describe themselves. If they say traditional at least twice in a conversation, pack your load and flee.

None of their exes have good things to say about them 

We know relationships won’t always end amicably, but there’s no way every single one of their exes is out here saying they are nothing to write home about. Let’s be for real, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

They don’t listen to anyone 

They think they’re the best thing since jollof rice and have blocked their ears from listening to anyone reasonable.

They are surrounded by yes men


No one around them is willing to tell them the truth. They can say the sky is pink and every one in their friend group would concur with their lies.

They think the opposite of logical is emotional 

This simply means they are going to show you shege and gaslight you. You better run.



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