Nollywood found the rich boyfriend trope and held on to its ṣokoto like their lives depended on it. Honestly, we understand because the way these men spend money on their babes?

If we weren’t too busy shouting, “God, when?” we’d be plotting how to break their happy homes.

Mide in “Skinny Girl in Transit”

We know he owns the company Tiwa works at, but at first, we couldn’t see how long his money was because of how casually he spent it. Now, our eyes are wide open. $100 bundles? Shares in Tesla and Apple? In this economy of constant inflation and ₦1,442 to $1?

God-when-o-meter: We’ve been shouting, “God, when?” since he started dating Tiwa. Now that he’s dropping dollar bundles and shares in multinational companies on her head? God will soon have to beg us to hush.

George in “Fine Wine”

Somebody decided to give us RMD as an older lover, and every day, we send good vibes their way. George came into Kaima’s life and treated her like a princess. Shopping sprees, helped her get retained at her job, protected her from her idiot ex? The man thought she hung the moon and stars and did everything to make sure she knew it too.

God-when-o-meter: Make a “God, when?” button and watch us press it hard.

Aminu in “The Men’s Club”

The man referred to himself as a forest because his money is just that long. He bought a house on the spot because the landlord was disturbing the love of his life. He flew from the island to the mainland because he couldn’t care to be stuck in Lagos traffic. Environmental activists might not like him very much and Tumini might be acting like his money is the sole cause of her unhappiness, but that’s okay because we like him very much.

Aminu, call us.

God-when-o-meter: We’ll take everything he has to offer, including his “Strong head. I don’t need help” behaviour.

Adil in “Big Love”

Adil wasn’t just in love with Adina, he loved her son too and was ready to do anything for them. Including using his parents connections to get her a new job, move them both to Lagos and beat the shit out of his cousin for cussing her out.

God-when-o-meter: His family loved her, he loved her, they all came together to spoil her and her child silly. Take away his foolish cousin, and we’re in it for life.

Deji in “The Royal Hibiscus Hotel”

He bought her parents’ hotel for her. Granted, that was always his plan, but he met her, fell in love with her, and decided the only thing he wants is her love and happiness. And if it cost him a couple million naira, then so be it.

God-when-o-meter: God, when? But also God, abeg, because imagine the love of your life having a friend and business partner like Martin.

Behold our Valentine Special

We brought back three couples we interviewed in 2019 to share how their relationships have evolved in the last five years. This is the first episode:

Nonso from “The Wedding Party 2”

Please, the man proposed by mistake and still went along with it. He even planned a destination wedding all because their families were fighting and he didn’t want anyone/thing to stress his baby. Nonso was a man in love; if his baby wanted something, she got it.

God-when-o-meter: God, when? As long as he takes out the mistaken proposal bit because, why?

Ahanna in “Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story”

If your man isn’t willing to elevate himself from the shackles of poverty by robbing a few rich people and his friends then using the money to buy a big ass farm in Abuja to live there with you, is it really love?

God-when-o-meter: God, abeg. Doing crime with the love of your life is great, but imagine dying because his best friend’s sister, who he was cheating on you with, has come back for revenge?

Buba from “Wrath and Revenge”

We can’t deny how long Buba’s money and connections are. The man was willing and ready to do anything to protect Alicia from his stupid cousin and make sure she was good. Even though, now that we think about it, he was really the weapon fashioned against her, and the reason she needed to be protected in the first place. 

God-when-o-meter: God, abeg. God forbid. God, not in this life or the next. Did you see what he almost did to her? Him and his salt and pepper beard can geddifok.


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