Valentine’s Day might be over, but we can’t get over how people in relationships graced our screens with cute pictures and gifts. In case you missed it, here’s a compilation of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts we saw this year.

Forget what they say about love being a scam. It’s actually sweet.

Because why are people turning to Shakespeare and writing beautiful messages to each other if not out of love. And it’s not just the words. The gifts themselves are…giving!

It all started with Adesua shouting Banke out very early in the morning

What Banky W did exactly, we’ve not found out till today. But Adesua set the tone for the day.

Someone got tickets to Beyonce’s tour

And we’re totally jealous.

Someone said the winner of Valentine olympics has come for her crown

The owner of Valentine’s Day gave everybody else time to make their case so she can step in with the perfect closer.

Someone got an animated book of their love story

This is the kind of feel-good stuff we’re here for.

This  lady was gifted a whole experience 

The cutest scented candle ever

Someone got himself a car for Valentine’s Day

Talk about self-love.

And let’s not forget the biggest cheerleader of all

Malta Guinness curated a unique experience for their customers by offering them a chance to showcase their love expression skills via letter writing. Lovers of the drink made handwritten letters using buzz words from the past like XOXO, ditto, doxology and golden pen, in a bid to share goodness with their loved ones. 



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