Bisexual stereotypes like all stereotypes are annoying and sometimes very harmful. Since September 23rd is Celebrate Bisexual Day, we talk to 8 Nigerian bisexuals about the bisexual stereotypes and how the “playful” comments people make are quite biphobic. Basically, one of the best ways to celebrate a bisexual apart from sending them food or money, is to not stereotype them.

Tomisin; 20, he/him

The most common one is how all bisexuals are cheats. ALL OF US. It is absolutely an insane thing to hear. People think it is a joke, but it is not. There was this guy who I was talking to, the first time we meet physically, I tell him I am bisexual and that same day, he blocks me. Everywhere. Why? Because I am more likely to cheat.

Amaka; 18, she/they

People make it seem like with being bisexual, you have a choice. You get to pick which gender you will date when it is most convenient for you. That is why the monosexuals in the queer community think we have privilege. Maybe, but I do not feel very privileged right now.

Frank; 26, he/him

People are constantly telling me to choose a side, and it is just a phase. I am not the moon, only the moon comes in phases. The side I have chosen is bisexual. Deal with it. I had this friend of mine who was an “ally”. He kept telling me that it is either gay or straight and since I am effeminate, I am gay. So, I slept with his girlfriend. Not my proudest moment, but he deserved it. Now, I am too secure in my sexuality to bother about those people.

Cynthia; 25, she/her

There was a girl I was texting, and she felt very into the conversation. I was really happy because I had never dated a girl before. One day, we plan to have a weekend at a hotel. When I got there, I met her boyfriend. I was so annoyed. They did not understand my annoyance because “shebi you are bi.”

Chris; 29, he/him

I am trans bisexual man. People keep telling me that since I am bisexual, why do I need to transition? That why can I not just date both. It does not work that way. Sexuality does not equal gender.

Zainab; 19, she/they

As a polyamorous bisexual, I am stressed. I am not polyamorous because I am bisexual, and I am not bisexual because I am polyamorous. These two things just happen to exist at the same time, and neither of them make me confused, selfish or unsatisfied. It means I have range, and I am sorry you cannot relate.

Titilope; 24, she/her

Being bisexual is not a 50/50 thing. Narratives like that are what makes it harder for people to come to terms with their sexuality. Me liking men more made me invalidate the fact that I liked women as well, and I struggled to come to terms with myself for the longest time possible. I always felt like a straight poser, but I am a bisexual woman, and liking men more does not invalidate that.

Kunle; 23, he/him

Bisexual people are not transphobic. Trans men are men, trans women are women. Making it seem that by choosing to identify as bisexual, we are somehow excluding them is very transphobic. Why? Because it shows you view them as some strange gender, not men or women. You need to check your own biases and stop projecting on us.

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