We’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day and as usual, we’re here with the perfect gift ideas for your partners. Today, the focus is on Igbo men. So if you’re in a relationship or crushing on one Igbo man down the road, this article is for you. You’re welcome.

1. Wickedness

Nice girls never win the war sis. Men deserve wickedness everyday and Igbo men deserve even more because they’re always so extra. But Igbo men kuku love problem. Once you show them small wickedness like this, they’ll pack all their money and give to you. 

2. Handcuffs and whips

Every Igbo man wants a powerful woman beside him. After all, who’s going to take charge of all the money he’s gathering? Show him you’re a dominant queen that can command his kingdom. Throw in a little “Daaaddy” in bed while and you’ll get the keys to his kingdom. 

3. Proper singlets

Men claim that they’re always receiving singlets, but Igbo men have constantly proven that we’re not doing enough. We will keep gifting singlets until they throw away this rubbish. 

4. Abacha and Okpa

They say a way to a man’s heart is food. For an Igbo man — especially if he’s from Enugu — it’s abacha and okpa that will do the trick. 

5. Palmwine

Get him drunk enough to rob him of his millions. If he’s too broke, still get him drunk enough for a good night. From him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. Yes, it’s written in the Bible. 

6. Kolanut

While an Igbo man secretly wants to be dominated in the bedroom, he also wants his ego to be massaged. Kolanut is a symbol of respect in the Igbo land. Serve him in a calabash and kneel down in front of him on Valentine’s day. Show him you’re a queen that can whip him into submission while submitting to him as well.

7. Container

Igbo men are always claiming to have containers that are about to land, so why not get him a shipping container? Show him you’re as committed to his growth while you balance it with wickedness.

Put these seven items in a gift box and take it to him tonight. Come and beat me if you’re not in Dubai by the 14th sis.



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