You can get into a relationship in numerous way. Some people start from the DMs, some with a situationship; others move from zero to a hundred and catch feelings for their sneaky link.

Today, we’ll teach you fake hard guys how to move from sneaking around to making that relationship official.

Send them funny videos

We can only hope you speak often if you’ve caught feelings for this person. If not, start with a funny video or two. Just make them laugh their way into a relationship with you.

Move into their house small small

A toothbrush here, a comb there, that black shirt you can’t live without, nothing too obvious. Move your things into their house and see if they notice.

Invite yourself out with them

They can’t stay at home 24/7. If they let it slip that they need to be somewhere, pack your bag and shoes and volunteer as tribute. Just do by force gum body. Hopefully, people see you together and do 2+2.

Subtweet them

If they don’t have a social media account, make them open one.  Post about them and what they do for you. Just be loud and clear on the internet. Fingers crossed, they see the signs.

Become a member of their social circle

Ask around. You might know someone who knows someone who goes to the same gym as your sneaky link. Start from there and work your way in.

Make them catch feelings

Why confess when they could do the confessing? It’s called strategic positioning. Be yourself and hope to whatever you believe in that your best is what’s best for them. If not, sorry for you and your feelings 

Make them soft launch you

This is the final stage. We don’t know how you want to do it, but make them post a picture of you. Maybe the back of your head, or the inside of your elbow. They could even post two sets of cutlery, as long as they make it clear to the people of the world that there’s someone in their life.

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