PS: If you cannot take a joke, STOP now.

PPS: Seriously!

1. The Tosin

Complete and utter flirt.

Has more shoes than he needs.

Dated every girl you know.

2. The Tolu

Kind and intelligent.

Very unlike other Yoruba demons.

Has a lot of female friends.

3. The Emeka

Very hardworking.

Probably has a wife in the village already.

Needs his woman to know how to cook.

4. The Tobi

Typical Yoruba Demon.

Draws you in with insightful arguments.

Never takes long to show true colors.

5. The Danjuma

Rich from oil or politics money.

Has every girl wanting him.

Always thinks he’s all that.

6. The Wale

Genuine nice and humble guy.

Probably a mama’s boy.

Has introduced half of Lagos girls to his mom.

7. The Ikenna

Buff ladies man.

Will exploit all your weaknesses.

Expects you to treat him like royalty.

8. The Tunji


Always wants you to hold him down.

Great hairline though.

9. The Ibrahim

Richer than everyone you know.

Probably sleeping with everyone you know too.

Prefers hanging out with the guys than with you.

10. The Ayo


Always wants to meet your friends.

Can turn anything into a party.

11. The Ebuka

Very fine boy.

Everyone has a crush on him.

He has a thing for mixed race girls.

12. The Bankole

Great sense of humour.

Prone to sarcastic tendencies.

Only likes Australian girls.

13. The Chuka

Everything is a joke to him.

Will not be serious till he’s 30.

Likes your best friend more than you.

14. The Tunde

His friends call you “our wife”.

He’s always cheating.

Very generous.

15. The Damini

Almost always tall.

Great dancer.

Can embarrass you in public.

16. The Timi

Gym monkey.

Likes taking pictures of himself.

There are no pictures of you on his Instagram.

17. The Obi

Mr Wandering Eyes.

He constantly needs your attention.

He’s a two-woman man.

18. The Temi

Usually short.

Cannot wait to boast about every girl he’s been with.

Communicates in a ‘creepy caring’ manner.

19. The Idris

Very dramatic.

Determined to be sinless.

If you’re Muslim, he’s in love.

20. The Femi

Geek Tendencies.

Loves him some big booty.

Will probably pick TV shows over you.

21. The Ifeanyi

Very very vain.

Lies compulsively.

Serial cheat.

22. The Ope

Very gentle and very sweet.

Could be broke but has potential.

Will work very hard.

23. The Nonso

Always listens to you.

Gets dumped a lot.

Rich AF.

24. The Dami

Very blunt.

Supports feminism, equality etc.

Cannot keep a secret.

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