Choosing friends is a big deal. Trust me, you don’t want the person holding all your secrets to wake up one day and decide not to have sense.

And if you already have a friend group, you’ll understand how important it is not to bring someone new who’d scatter your friendship dynamic. Ask new applicants these questions so you can make the right choice.

Semo or pap?

Trick question because there’s no right answer. If they pick either, they deserve to be locked up with their preferred option. Good riddance.

Will you take my side?

Imagine having a friend who you share gist about your foolish ex with, and they have the audacity to say, “I think your ex might be right, though.” What the actual heck?

Can you take fire pictures?

Your social media can’t contain selfies only. It won’t hurt to have another friend to help you get your best angles.

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Do you usually keep secrets?

Before you’ll go and be doing friendship with someone who’ll japa and call to inform you from the abroad three years later.

How many people do you know?

Like a wise person once said, “we rise by lifting others.” We all need a connected friend. They don’t even need to be rich rich. If they can score you extra meat at an owambe, hold them tight. 

Do you have sense?

If they take it as an insult, they really don’t have sense.

Do you like advice?

Not the one that’ll complain about their cheating partner all day, but will still be ignoring your advice to leave them. They can even wake up and claim you’re the enemy of their weyrey lover.

Are you stingy?

Again, they don’t have to be rich. But a good friend should be able to share nice things with you, and vice versa. 

Are you dramatic?

Make your choice based on the level of drama you can live with. Imagine being friends with someone who under or over-matches your energy. God abeg.

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