Some people will say sex is a sin. Whether or not that’s true, we can all agree bad sex is a waste of sin. Here are eight tricks to make it last longer and be more pleasurable for you and your partner.

Eat Bananas

First of all, get rid of the dirty thought that just crossed your mind. Bananas actually contain a lot of potassium that helps with vitality. Also, they restore your glucose levels and increase your sex drive.

multiple bundles of banana

Stop getting drunk

Only hobbits are allowed to drink all they want without consequences. Taking too much alcohol can prevent you from being in the moment and enjoying what you’re doing. No one wants an absent-minded sexual partner.

nollywood star chinedu ikedieze, in an old nollywood scene drinking beer in an oversized white and yellow stripped tea shirt

Take a lot of pepper

Finally, some vindication for the Yoruba people. They were right all along. Eating hot pepper actually helps build endurance. It also boosts recovery, meaning you’re ready to go for season 2 in no time. If you want to last longer in bed, here’s your best bet.

small chili peppers in woven basket

Eat tiger nuts

You probably know this one already, but we’re here to remind you. Tiger nuts are notorious for being an OG aphrodisiac that’ll take you as far you want during sex. Just don’t overdo it, we’re begging you. You’ll last longer in bed, but sin with caution.

dried tiger nut

Take a lot of Vitamin D

No, we’re not trying to play mind games with you, stop asking us what we mean. It means exactly what it says. If you’re wondering which fruits you should eat to get this, that’s simple. The next time you’re making a smoothie, just make sure you have a lot of oranges and almonds. If you don’t like those, then egg yolks and fish work just as well.


Foreplay is also sex

Having sex with no foreplay is like starting a book from the middle. You’ll obviously finish faster, and probably with a terrible understanding of what’s going on. Invest in your foreplay game. Don’t you love when a good movie whets your appetite with a slam dunk trailer? 

illustrated caucasian couple on a bed with an opened heart shaped box of chocolate

Exercise more

Some people will say having sex already counts as exercise. But squats and biceps training actually help you perform better when it’s time for some action.

young black woman in exercise gear doing sit ups

Switch up the position

Some positions actually make it easier for you to climax. If you’re looking to prolong things, you probably want to find a position that makes it harder.

illustrated couple in an unconventional sex position


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