There are three types of romantic relationships: the ones you yell about from the rooftops, the ones only a select few know about, and the ones even the DSS can’t get you to talk about. While the dynamics of these relationships are different, each of them require care and affection, including the ones you sneak around with. 

Here are some ways to show your sneaky link that even though no one knows about them, you’re grateful for their services.

Feed them

We’re not saying get a mortar and pestle and pound yam for your sneaky link at two in the morning. But you can turn semo for them — although we don’t think you should be having sex with a semo-eater — or buy them a meal. The bottom line is, if they’re hungry and you can feed them, you should.

Drive them around 

As long as they’re willing and ready to buy you fuel, then by all means, hop into your car and give them a lift. If they can ride you and take you there, you can get them to their own destination.

Be a shoulder to cry on

Please, let them talk to you. Let them rant about all the ridiculous things that have happened in their day. And if it ends with them crying into the hickey they left on your shoulder, then so be it.

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Help with their work

If your sneaky link has to do a million and one things for corporate Nigeria before they can have the time for you, we think it’s only wise to simply help them take some load off their plate. This way, they can get to your needs faster, so win-win.

Check in on them

You deserve to know if your sneaky link is even in good enough health to sneak around with you. We’re not saying text them every five hours, but a check-in once every two weeks won’t be a bad idea.

Gift them

Buy them random things you think they’ll like. As long as you’re not spending a small fortune, then you’re fine.

Make the sex worthwhile

You both have designated times for your genital meet-and-greet. All of the above would mean nothing if they leave without optimal satisfaction.



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