Since Libra season is almost over what better time to drag them in the mud for their wickedness? Then again, what do you expect from a sign that is close to Scorpios?  Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t date a Libra.

1. They are indecisive 

Libras are very good at avoiding making decisions. It’s a bit cute at the beginning of the relationship when they make you choose where you’d go on dates until it becomes annoying when they cancel date plans every week because they can’t choose. 

2. They prefer the idea of love to love itself

Libras are in love with the idea of love. They love grand gestures and thoughtful gifts and every love language is their love language. Ask them to commit to you and watch them panic. 

3. They can switch up on you anytime 

Libras can seem really sweet but when they lose it, the best thing to do is run. For people who claim to be very balanced, their emotions either burn hot or cold and there’s no in-between. 

4. It’s hard to be annoyed with them

Don’t bother trying to get annoyed with a Libra because it won’t last long. One minute you are pissed but then you see them and start wondering if what you were annoyed about was that important. Is that not witchcraft? 

5. They are always flirting 

Libras will flirt with everyone they meet. The worst part is that to them, they are just being friendly. They are so smooth with it, everyone could gain to learn a thing or two about flirting from them. 

6. They will break your heart

They will destroy your heart into a million billion pieces. When they are over a relationship, there’s no amount of begging that can change their minds. It’s the one time they aren’t indecisive and it’s for wickedness. 

7. They are bad communicators

Especially Libra men. Communication, who that? These guys would rather chew jeans than talk about how they are feeling. They hate the possibility of conflict more than anything. Wahala for anyone that wants to date a libra 




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