Ever wondered how the partners of really attractive people feel? We asked people how they felt being in relationships with people more attractive than them, and here’s what these seven Nigerians had to say.

Zainab, 20

I met my current girlfriend a while ago. When we met, I didn’t even think it was possible for us to date because she seemed way out of my league. When she took interest in me, I actually thought it was a joke. It’s not like I’m completely ugly, I hold my own. It’s just that she’s hot, and everyone knows it. She’s a lesbian but she pulls more men than I do, and I’m meant to be the bisexual one.

Whenever we go out, there’s always someone asking for her number or hugging her too long. I don’t usually consider myself a jealous person, but it messes with my head sometimes. She’s also extremely popular and friendly, so the stream of people surrounding her never reduce. I’ve told her about it and she assures me that she loves me, but I still can’t shake the feeling that she’d leave me for someone hotter. Maybe it’s my low self-esteem and constant projection, and I keep working on it. However, it’s not always bad. Somedays, it makes me feel good knowing I’m dating the hottest woman in the room.

Jane, 18

My ex was finer than me, and there were a lot of girls constantly following him. Instead of being jealous, it made me very proud. Everyone wanted him, and I was the only one he wanted. Plus, he never gave any of the girls any attention so I was really sure he was into me. It made me a lot more confident in myself. If a man as handsome as that could like me, then I must be a stunner.

Apart from that and having girls follow him around, dating someone hotter than me wasn’t so special. Also, our pictures always turned out amazing because I was fine and so was he. Unfortunately, the relationship ended. I went to another state and it led to us having some senseless arguments and I eventually fell out of love with him.

Adaeze, 28

My ex is way more attractive than I am. I felt so proud of myself for pulling her. Honestly, I also had some insecurities about it. Why was she with me? Did she think she was settling? However, she never made me feel less than. She may not have been very vocal about my looks but it’s because she’s just not that vocal about her thoughts and feelings.

Fatima, 27

While in NYSC, my boyfriend who was also a corper is a tall fine man I met at our place of primary assignment. Then there’s me, this fat short babe. When he asked me out, I actually wasn’t shocked or taken aback. I didn’t even think of the fact that he was more attractive than me, it wasn’t glaring. In fact, the first time I took note of the fact that he was more attractive than me was when we were having issues. Some other corper babe told me “You sef, you know a guy like that can’t really be with you.” I was stunned. Especially because the cause of our problem was the fact that he cheated on me with some drop-dead gorgeous babe. It messed with my esteem for a little while and made me think that people see me as a pity date. I think that with relationships like that, it’s mostly unsolicited opinions from third parties that stir up nonsense feelings of unworthiness.

Ahmed, 23

The first lady I got intimate with was very attractive. I must admit she was what we would colloquially say out of my league. It was very esteem boosting when we took walks and I noticed people make a double-take as we passed by. The fun part was she was my sort of freaky. She would wear clothes that made you look and with her pronounced features, she got a lot of stares. It was great while it lasted, but her boyfriend started hassling her because he suspected I was breaking her back. I do admit that back shots whilst she was on a call with him wasn’t my smartest move, but we move.

Funke, 26

Most of my partners were always more conventionally attractive than me. I felt very insecure about it, and it was something we would always talk about. Then there was the fact that people were always wanting to shoot their shot and were constantly gushing about them. It used to make me feel a little lonely, and I wanted that attention for myself. I felt like if I had that kind of attention, I wouldn’t feel jealous abut the kind they were getting. I thought that if I was getting compliments like that, it would keep me busy and I wouldn’t care about the ones they got.

Jumoke, 25

There is this thing where you tend to think someone is better and more attractive than you because they are lighter or white. My partner is a white man and as a black woman, I guess a small part of me is still dealing with that inferiority complex that comes from my skin colour.



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