We’ve compiled a list of our most popular Nollywood-inspired quizzes. Whether you want to show off your knowledge or simply find out which actor should play you in a movie, this is the post for you.

1. Can You Guess The Nollywood Movies From These Emojis?

Do you know your Nollywood movies? Take the quiz.

2. Which Nollywood Stereotype Are You?

Are you the homewrecker to the evil in-law? Take the quiz.

3. Can You Identify The Nollywood Movie From A Pixelated Poster?

Do you pay attention to Nollywood posters? Take the quiz.

4. Which Nollywood Star Should Play You In A Movie?

Odunlade or Genevieve or RMD or Rita Dominic? Take the quiz.

5. Can You Name These Nollywood Movies By Identifying Their Actors?

If you’ve watched a lot of Nollywood movies, this should be easy. Take the quiz.

6. Which Nollywood Movie Title Best Describes You?

Are you a ‘King of Boys’ or a ‘Chief Daddy’? Take the quiz.

7. Can You Get 15/15 In This Difficult Nollywood Quiz?

Match the scene with the movie. Take the quiz.

8. Which Nollywood Lover Boy Are You?

Ramsey Nouah, Jim Iyke or Tony Umez? Take the quiz.

9. Can You Guess The Nollywood Movies From Their Plots?

Match the plot to the movie. Take the quiz.

10. Which Nollywood Queen Are You?

Genevieve, Omotola or Joke Silva? Take the quiz.

11. Can You Make A Nollywood Hit?

Will your movie flop or nah? Take the quiz.


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