Are you as hot as you think you are? Well, if you’re confident in your own attractiveness, then these 11 quizzes should reaffirm that. You know Zikoko never lies.

1. How Good-Looking Are You?

Are you average or flawless? Take the quiz.

2. What’s Your Most Attractive Physical Feature?

Your captivating eyes or your kissable lips? Take the quiz.

3. How Hot Are You?

Are you just there or supremely hot? Take the quiz.

4. How Attractive Are You On A Scale of 0-10?

Where do you land on the attractive spectrum? Take the quiz.

5. Does Your Crush Like You Back?

If you’re fine, they probably do. Take the quiz.

6. How Sexy Are You?

Where do you fall on the sexiness scale? Take the quiz.

7. What Do People Find Most Attractive About You?

Your stunning face or big brain? Take the quiz.

8. How Many People Are Currently Crushing On You?

None or over a 100? Take the quiz.

9. How Good-Looking Is Your Soulmate?

Are they as fine as you are? Take the quiz.

10. Are You The Toaster Or The Toasted?

Are people falling over themselves to toast you? Take the quiz.

11. Can We Guess How Many Relationships You’ve Wrecked?

Is your beauty scattering relationships? Take the quiz.


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