If you love money as much as we suspect you do, then you’ve clicked on the right post. We’ve compiled 11 quizzes that test your knowledge, guess your account balance and predict your future financial situation.

1. Only Rich Nigerians Will Get More Than 7/11 On This Naira Quiz

How well do you know the Naira? Take this quiz.

2. Which Nigerian Bank Are You?

Is GTB the bank that matches your personality? Take this quiz.

3. Can We Guess How Much Is In Your Account?

Should you be on the lookout for a glucose guardian? Take this quiz.

4. Only Wealthy Nigerians Will Score 9/11 On This Quiz

Does your money grow like grass? Take this quiz.

5. Can We Guess Your Current Salary?

Are you balling or not? Take this quiz.

6. How Many Nigerian Banks Can You Name in 1 Minute?

Can you name 15 out of 20 Nigerian banks? Take this quiz.

7. What Naira Note Are You?

Are you N20 or N500? Take this quiz.

8. Only Super Rich Nigerians Can Ace This Quiz In One Minute

If you get less than 8/10, you’re broke. Take this quiz.

9. When Exactly Will You Become Filthy Rich?

Will you be filthy rich in a few months or a decade? Take this quiz.

10. How Good Are You With Money?

Do you make the best financial decisions? Take this quiz.

11. Which Foreign Currency Should You Be Paid In?

Dollars or Euros? Take this quiz.



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