A new year is right around the corner. Before we go into 2022, enjoy some of our top quizzes from this year.

1. QUIZ: Only Nigerian Gen Z’ers Can Make It To The End Of This Musicians Quiz

Forget about your age. If you can make it to the end of this quiz, you’re definitely Gen Z.

If you fail a question, the entire quiz ends.

2. QUIZ: How Fine Is Your Face?

Is your face utterly perfect or do you have to rely solely on your incredible personality to get by? Well, this quiz is here to judge exactly how fine your face is. Please, don’t argue with your result.

3. QUIZ: Only Nigerian Millennials Can Finish This Musicians Quiz

Make it to the end of this quiz to prove you’re a true Nigerian millennial.

4. QUIZ: Pick Random Nigerian Meals And We’ll Give You A Country To Relocate To

If you’ve been struggling to know what country to migrate to, we have good news. The scientists at Zikoko have discovered the country that suits your personality. All you have to do is pick random Nigerian foods and we’ll tell you what country to relocate to.

5. QUIZ: How Will You Blow?

Big Brother Naija, a tech startup or blood money? This quiz

knows how you’ll blow.

6. QUIZ: Which Squid Game Player Are You?

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Would you be a smart Squid Game player or would you be a weak one? Take this quiz and we’ll tell you.

7. QUIZ: Only Romantic Nigerians Will Get 7/11 On This Quiz

You think you’re romantic? Take this quiz to prove it.

8. QUIZ: Can You Make It To The End Of This JSS1 Social Studies Quiz?

We’ve compiled 21 real Social Studies questions meant for JSS1 students, and we want to see how far you’ll get. If you fail a question, the entire quiz ends. Are you smart enough to make it to the last question?

9. QUIZ: How Rich Do You Look?

You don’t have to actually be rich to look like you are. The way you present yourself is enough to deceive people into thinking you have money in your account. So, let this quiz tell you how rich you look.

10. QUIZ: If You Get 12/20 On This Cooking Quiz, You’re A Serial Killer

We published an article telling you cooking habits of serial killers. Now, we have a quiz for you.

If you do up to 12 things on this list, you’re clearly a serial killer.



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