The Sarz Academy released their music compilation, Memories That Last Forever 2, to a warm reception. We use their journey as a case study on how to become a successful performing artist.

Sarz’s label, 1789, has a template. After studying it for a while, we share the winning formula to crafting the next generation of incredible live performers.

First of all, have singing on lock 

Apart from being a dancer, DJ and hypeman, can you sing or produce music? Before you dream of rocking stages, make sure you can sing fire like Syntiat and Fxrtune.

Make performable songs

Everyone’s giving the Sarz’s students accolades because they made relatable songs like Jam One Kele — a song about a baddie they met at a house party.

If your song has good replay value, you’ll have people to perform it to and build fan engagement skills with.

Read, watch, learn

On the road to becoming a great live performer, you must study. Study your faves, their performance shows, watch and read interviews, understand the processes behind the performances you like. The more you look, the more you see.

Follow who know road

Move with people who’ll move your career forward. One of the benefits of being a student of The Sarz Academy is by the time you graduate, you might have big music companies like UnitedMasters and Warners Music Group ready to amplify your voice.

Reach out to the OGs for mentorship

In their effort to give artists from the third set well-rounded artist development, Sarz and his company, 1789, partnered with Yeni Kuti, AKA YK Power, to guide them on live performance skills.

Linking with the OGs, you learn from their experience and discover new hacks. We need more of this so statements like “DJ, play track one. Let’s go”, “Are you re-di naww? 1,2,3” and co will be bygone.

Don’t stop rehearsing

Keep practicing your performances until you find a style that works for you. One day, your diligence will make you an odogwu touring the world.

Attend The Sarz Academy (TSA)

Sarz and other industry players will smoothen the rough edges and arm you with industry secrets. You’ll come out a star like their past students: P.Priime, Dunnie, Kel-P and Gimba. 


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