If there’s one thing we know for certain it’s Big Brother’s children have this love thing on lock. Every year, they walk into his house, and every year, they turn it into a knockoff of “Love Island”. While we hated to love their love in Biggie’s house, the big question is, “Did the ships last outside the house?”

Angel and Soma

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We haven’t had a couple give these many cute moments, both in and outside the show, since the days of Kiddrica. We might’ve had a brief period when we all wondered if they were still together, but with their recent banter and PDA on Ebuka’s internet, these two have made it clear the Somgel ship is still sailing on smooth waters.

Diane and Elozonam

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We won’t lie, Diane and Elozonam waltzed onto our screen in 2019 and melted our heats with their ship. Four years later, and they’re still cute AF on that ad Multichoice runs on the Africa Magic channels every five minutes. But don’t let their chemistry fool you, these two haven’t been together for a very long time.

Bam Bam and Teddy A

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We thought it was fate when Teddy A got evicted from Biggie’s house the night after Bam Bam left. Obviously, the universe agrees with us because not only have these two been married for five years now, they also have two beautiful daughters.

Neo and Vee

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Yes, they fought over food every other day, but they loved each other in their own way. And for an entire year after the show, they made sure we knew the love was strong. Fast forward to 2023 though. It’s clear to see from the numerous ships Neo almost entered in Biggie’s All-Stars house — and Vee’s tweets during the season — that this ship has sunk to the bottom of the ocean and may never make it’s way back up.

Erica and Kiddwaya

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Kiddwaya and his Baby G had us all in a chokehold during the lockdown. Everyone had their TVs on the Big Brother channel, hoping to catch a glimpse of the couple sneaking a kiss or Erica enjoying the princess treatment. It didn’t end in the house. They got out, started making vlogs on their individual YouTube channels and had everyone scrambling to get a peek of them on the platform. We got a couple months under our belts before everything came to a screeching halt. 

Bella and Sheggz

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A year after gracing our screens with their love, it’s safe to say the Ikoyis

are going nowhere. They’ve taken every opportunity they can to show each other off and prove that Bella is still in love with her Sheggz and Sheggz is still in love with his Bella.

Groovy and Phyna

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If you shipped Phyna and her bottles of Guinness, then quickly shifted when Groovy walked into the picture, we have some news for you. As cute as they were on our screen, and as much as we would’ve loved to see the on-again off-again couple blossom, they’re no longer together today.

Venita and Adekunle

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No one knows what’s happening with Vendeks anymore. Sometimes, they’ll have a hype-off with Somgel, and other times, they ask not to be shipped. Are they still sailing. Are they just keeping their love sacred and away from the wandering eye of the public? We don’t know, but we wish this aesthetically-pleasing duo the best.

Yvonne and Juicy Jay

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They’re from Big Brother Titans, Big Brother Naija’s half-brother, but we can’t deny that Yvonne and Juicy Jay gave us everything we could ask for in a ship. That’s why they’re on this list anyway. A slow burn romance that had us all wondering if they’ll ever make it, a first kiss that broke R&D Twitter. And now, a long-distance relationship that has us all cheesing every time we see them fly into each other’s home country for a brief moment of love.

Khafi and Gedoni

Image credit: BBC

Big Brother should add “matchmaker” to his resume. Which other show can boast as many married couples as he’s produced. Khafi and Gedoni pushed their ship off shore in Biggie’s house, but with all the storms they faced, everyone just assumed the ship would crash once they stepped into the real world. They’ve been married for three years, and just like Bamteddy, they have two kids.

Marvis and Efe

Image credit: Ynaija

They might’ve had an entire wedding ceremony in Biggie’s house, but shortly after sailing into the real world, this ship crashed and ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

Miracle and Nina Ivy

Image credit: famouspeoplemagazine

Yes, Miracle was Nina’s everything in Big Brother’s house. And yes, we were all rooting for them, but obviously, fate had different plans as they’ve both started families with completely different people. They didn’t even last a day outside the house.



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