Someone needs to tell the new Big Brother Naija housemates to be calming down. These guys stepped into the house and coupled up faster than Buhari’s urge to travel outside Nigeria. But with Big Brother Naija slowly quickly into a couple’s show these days, these are the ships you need to look out for this season. 

Whether they last or not is another gist entirely. 

Beauty and Groovy 

Meet the king and queen of cuddling at night and airing each other during the day. Beauty and Groovy have an interesting dynamic where they both focus on the game during the day, but once the sun goes down, it’s cuddling galore. The way they stare into each other’s eyes is something else sha. 

Bella and Shegz

Omo, Bella and Sheggz didn’t even wait for a new day to break after entering the house before they started their own ship. They both stepped into that Big Brother Naija house and haven’t left each other’s side since. If you liked Kiddwaya and Erica, then this is the ship to camp behind. They’re both attractive and like to do cute shit together. 

Phyna and Guinness 

If there’s one thing Phyna will do in that Big Brother Naija house, it’s down a chilled bottle of Guinness to calm her nerves and have a good time. This ship is the one that I can see lasting up to the very end, and even outside the house. You can’t help but stan a woman who opens beer bottles with her teeth. 

Khalid and Danielle 

These two are always doing hanky panky under the duvet, and I absolutely love it! The Khalid and Danielle ship is fairly new, so I’m not sure what direction it’s going, but either way, I’m here for it. 

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Doyin and Cyph 

After doing some intense mouth wrestling at the last Saturday night party, we can’t wait to see how the relationship between Doyin and Cyph will pan out. We understand that they’re in different houses, but if the heart is willing, a long-distance relationship is nothing. Can the church say, amen? 

Hermes and “One day man go blow” 

No one: 

Hermes singing with all his power and might: “One day man go blooowwww!”

We’ve heard you Hermes. Please, blow so we can rest. 

Allysyn and Adekunle 

Adekunle had his eyes on Allysyn from the moment he entered the Big Brother Naija house. Remember when he covered her because she was cold?

Even though Adekunle may come across as boring, and they’re both acting like they’re in a 40+ relationship with all their plenty talk that leads nowhere, I can’t deny that they both make for an attractive couple. 

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