K-pop has been in our faces for a long time, so it’s impossible to say you’ve not heard any K-pop songs. Whether you listened on purpose or not, it’s the perfect earworm that finds a way to you, especially if you’re a big movie watcher, gamer, or you’re just chronically online. 

You might not be a stan yet, but if you can identify all 11 songs in this article, my brother in Christ, you’re one deliberate listen away from being a K-pop fan. 

Fantastic Baby – BIGBANG

This song appeared on Glee and in the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer. If you watched both, there’s no way “Wow. Fantastic baby” wasn’t stuck in your head for days. Give it a proper listen.

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As If It’s Your Last – BLACKPINK 

Remember that scene in Justice League, where Batman is just sitting in the Flash’s liar like he paid the rent? I’ve always found it funny that BLACKPINK’s As if It’s Your Last was playing on a desktop monitor in the background. Yeah, that’s why you know that chorus. 

Kill This Love – BLACKPINK 

Every other day, someone on the internet remembers how cute the To All The Boys I’ve Ever Loved movies were. I always fight the urge to tell them that BLACKPINK was all over the OST. This is probably the most popular one, and it’s from the scene where Lara Jean tries to be a supportive girlfriend. It’s her GRWM montage.

Hangover by PSY ft Snoop Dogg

You probably heard this song in the first Black Panther movie and bop-ed to it even though you couldn’t sing along. Come on, give it a second listen. Watch your brain remember how it felt to listen to it the first time. If you don’t remember it, ask us for your data money back.

I Am The Best – 2NE1

For fans of dance movies where the mean character does these super complicated routines, you probably heard 2NE1’s I Am The Best in Work It. Or you were to busy staring at Keiynan Lonsdale to hear it. 

ZimZalabim and Russian Roulette – Red Velvet 

Where are all my adults who watch kid’s cartoons? If you saw Trolls 2, you’d remember the scene where the main trolls kept meeting other trolls with different music tastes. ZimZalabim and Russian Roulette probably got stuck in your head for days afterwards.

Friends – BTS 

Was this a super short music cameo? Yes, but how can you say you didn’t notice Friends playing in the background? Chelsea, come on now. It’s BTS.

Dynamite – BTS 

We can pretend you know half the lyrics of this song from Clifford The Big Red Dog, but we both know you don’t even know where you heard it the first time. It’s okay. You like K-pop, and nobody will beat you for that.

How You Like That – BLACKPINK

I’m actually convinced that when two or three people are gathered, one person knows how to sing How You Like That. My source? “I no go lie give you”. I probably heard it first on Hotel Transylvania, and TikTok didn’t help either.

Euphoria – BTS

Remember that cute scene on Euphoria, where Kat and Ethan finally admit to liking each other, and the background turns purple, and Euphoria by BTS plays loudly in the background? You didn’t miss it. In fact, fill in the blank: “You are the cause of my…” Exactly. You know the song. 

Lucifer – SHINee

Where are the fans of the Lucifer series? Season three, episode 13, starts with Lucifer fighting a Korean drug dealing group to the same-title song by SHINee. 

Bonus if you use TikTok

You know at least six of these catchy songs: Zoo – NCT x Aespa, DDU-DU DDU-DU – BLACKPINK, Money – Lisa, The Feels – TWICE, Butter – BTS, Christmas EveL – Stray Kids, Loco – Itzy, Love Shot – EXO, ASAP– StayC and Attention – NewJeans. 

Nobody will judge you for even knowing the choreography thanks to TikTok. Of course, you fell victim to good music. Now, go and listen on purpose this time. 

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