This BBN All-Stars season, all we’ve gotten is wickedness, cruelty and a huge pot of misogyny. We’ve had enough. If Big Brother doesn’t know how to return his show to past glory, we’re ever ready and available to help him.

Bring back regular people

Twitter and Instagram influencers are nice, but we’re tired of them. This isn’t just about the All-Stars season; the last few editions have been filled with micro-celebrities. Big Brother needs to pack the obscure baddies and baddettes of Nigeria and drag them into his house from now on. If he does this, we’d stop hearing different variations of “Do you know who I am?” and “You can’t talk to me outside.”

Punish people immediately

Remember when housemates would act mad and see the consequence of their action in real-time? Yeah, we need that to return.

Do the jury system well

That thing Biggie called a jury system that saved “you know who” for that long? Yeah, that’s not it. Biggie needs to bring the system back and allow all the housemates go on their knees and beg the jury to keep them in the house.

Movie night

Look, they have a garden. All we ask is that Biggie pull out a big projector, bring the housemates out and make them watch each other gossip about themselves. The fights that will rock Ilupeju, Biggie might just have to reveal himself and beg them to stop.

Give us control

Big Brother needs to find a way to let us control what happens in his house. We get to vote one housemate and use them to nominate other housemates for eviction, scatter relationships and throw more mud in Biggie’s already muddy waters.

Bring back the pairs

Every season, Biggie’s housemates turn his house to Love Island Lite, so he might as well bargain for that from the very beginning and select his housemates based on their compatibility. He brings in these pairs, and they play together, win HOH together and nominate other pairs for eviction together.

Put everyone up till the sixth week

Biggie needs to damn the consequences and just have all his housemates up from the second they step into his house. We need to see if someone would pull a Tacha and not pack or dress up for the evictions.

Bring in the exes

Bringing exes at the beginning of the show is fine, but imagine the chaos that would have ensued if they brought Vee, Prince Nelson, Ike and maybe Erica while their exes were acting a fool in Biggie’s house.



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