If you’re a regular user of social media or follow Linda Ikeji or Bellanaija, you’d be aware that OAP Toke Makinwa was trending. But it’s not for the reasons you think, if you don’t know what happened.

It was reported that her husband, Maje Ayida, got his long time girlfriend pregnant, and in normal African fashion, quite a number of people are laying the blame at her door. But thankfully, even more people have gone after him.

But as with everything in Nigeria, the outrage and story will die within a month. People will only remember from time to time and shake their head in pity.

But what would have happened if Toke was in the U.S instead?

I’ll tell you.

Her marriage would most likely end in a divorce

After which she’s move on to serial dating. She’d date a rapper or basketball player, or both in succession. Infact any  single, famous guy will do, as long as she gets to stay in the spotlight.


She’d have her own reality show

Remember Kendra, the Playboy bunny that stayed in the Playboy mansion? When her husband cheated, the ensuing drama was incorporated into her reality show to boost ratings.

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman pretending to be black, is in talks for her own reality show. Go figure.

Well I guarantee that had Toke been abroad, she certainly would have been signed up for one. Most people involved in scandals in the United States get to share their stories via this medium.

She’d be on the cover of magazines

She’d be featured on the cover of all the magazines that matter. And not just that, she’d be paid by them to sit for an interview as well.

She’d be invited to talk shows

I can see Iyanla all over this one, trying to put her soothing magic on Toke to help her move on. Ellen Degeneres wouldn’t pass this up. Then there’s Jimmy Kimmel and most probably Jerry Springer.


She’d have a clothing line

Which everybody hears of, but no one actually patronizes.

She’d be paid to make appearances at events

Millionaires and billionaires would pay to go on a date with her and she will go out with them. Promoters will pay for to show up to their parties and the party goers will pay top money just to get in.


She’d release a book or two

And it will detail her harrowing experience when she found out that her husband cheated. Another will probably detail her life’s history.

She’d have made cameos in critically panned movies

Probably  the role of the sassy best friend with no backstory or character development.

She’d have had work done on her body

She would have gotten all the cosmetic surgery that she possibly could without it being obvious — and she will vehemently deny ever having had done any.



But she’s a citizen of Naija and not an Americanah. There’s a reason for that, as there is with everything. She’ll have to decide how she wants this to go down. Will she forgive her husband and stay with him or decide to cut ties?

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