It seems like we have it good here in Nigeria when it comes to random body searches.

A Twitter user shared these pictures of Ugandan officers conducting an over-thorough body search, before people could enter the Mandela National Stadium for the match between Uganda Cranes and Burkina Faso.

Please what are they searching for?!

And they were doing it with such dedication too.

Are they trying to find something where the sun doesn’t shine!

Check out the lady smiling and people around find nothing wrong with this.

Of course the people of Twitter didn’t keep quiet.

Some wondered why the ladies were being body checked by male officers.

@pyepar smh why are they being frisked by male cops and not female ones?

— Yummy Mummy (@AishaWanjiku_) March 29, 2016

But it turns out the ladies were actually being frisked by women.

@FauzKhalid @pyepar Lol..if you look closely they’re female soldiers actually.There are 2 females doing the frisking and a dude on the left.

— Anno™ (@iAnnoGH) March 30, 2016

Some were not okay with it.

@pyepar absolutely not OK!! It’s so wrong!!

— Femme actuelle (@zippoglisia) March 29, 2016

Some found it hilarious.

@pyepar LOL that’s some bomb searching

— Kwuks (@BaDAsS_DriZzy) March 29, 2016

Some commented on the chick in the second picture.

@pyepar the chick in the second picture has that “I know, it’s lit right?” face on ?

— Mr.Ranger (@sforsheriff) March 29, 2016

Some commented on how it wouldn’t be acceptable in their country.

@pyepar guys r Uganda women this naive, I don’t think a security guard can do this in Kenya N get away with it

— Fredrick odwar (@odifred82) March 29, 2016

Some wondered if their fingers were metal detectors.

@pyepar Really, Ugandan police need to upgrade, do they have bomb detectors in their phalanges?

— Victoria Odipo (@vickyodipo) March 29, 2016

These Ugandan security officers really know how to conduct a thorough body search oh.

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