Christmas is 23 days away, and that means you might have a brief break from capitalism. If you’re looking for Nollywood movies that’ll fill you with the Christmas cheer while you fill up on your Christmas meals, we’ve got you covered.

Battle  on Bukka Street

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Think of every chaotic Christmas movie you’ve ever watched, and we promise you Battle on Buka Street might  rival them. From love, family rivalry, to an emotional third act, this film has all you and your family will need this Christmas.

Wedding Party 1&2

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What’s Christmas without your loved ones annoying the living daylights out of you? But with this film, you’re not on the receiving end of the annoyance. Instead, you get to watch the leads get annoyed to shits by the people they hold dear.


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Think of Home Alone, with Kanayo .O. Kanayo’s Igwe Pascal as the thief, and Genevieve Nnaji’s Adaeze as Kevin. She’s been left home alone to save the family company from debt and a takeover by Igwe Pascal.

Sugar Rush

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What’s Christmas without a little chaos , a ride in an invisible car and a hunk pouring water on himself in your kitchen? Your Christmas might not have all of that, but this film definitely does. 


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What’s a Christmas movie without singing, dancing and a child running away from home?


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Granted, the lead family in this movie have a lot going on, but it’s a family movie with enough palava to keep you and your family glued to your seats.

A Naija Christmas

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Think of what a traditional Christmas in Nigeria looks like — everyone running around trying to get things done, and your siblings getting on your last nerve. That’s what you’ll get with this movie. 

Egg of Life

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What’s better than a movie about saving Christmas? A movie about badass women trekking the evil forest looking for ways to save a dying prince.

Chief Daddy 1

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While we agree the movie has its faults, it has enough funny moments for you and the family to share giggles, and that’s really what Christmas is about.

Please note, we’re recommending Chief Daddy 1 to you, watch the second part at your own risk.

Ile Owo 

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A family gathers together and chaos ensues; it doesn’t get more Christmas-y than that.



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