Being fashionable in Nigeria is hard work — the girls that get it, get it. If you’re not battling with the heat, you’re struggling to understand why designers increase their prices every time they decide to give their clothes Nigerian names. 

But what can we do? To help us serve lewks and stunt on Lai Mohammed’s internet, we decided to browse through some of the women-led brands killing it in the fashion game right now. 

It’s drip or die this 2022 and we’ve chosen fashionable violence. 

1. Elfreda Dali 

If you’re looking for volume, structure and experimental design, then Elfreda Dali is your girl. Launched in 2018 by Elfreda Fakoya, the label has quickly become a favourite of the Nigerian alté crowd. From photoshoots with Teezee and Tay Iwar to live stage performances with Tems, this label is creating pieces that empower a new generation of stylish rebels and we’re totally here for it!

2. Kadiju 

Kadiju is all about the dramaaaaa. From puffy ruffles and layers to high shoulders that would give 1990s NTA TV hosts a run for their money, this label is for the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out. There could be 100 people in the room and 99 don’t believe in you but best believe that when you’re in a Kadiju outfit, all eyes will be on you. Are you ready for all that attention? 

3. Twenty Six 

Strong colours and maximum comfort are the qualities that keep the girls coming back to Twenty Six. With all the heat in the country at the moment, it just makes sense for us to be drawn to a label that understands the need for variety when it comes to sizes and most importantly, the weather. We want to look good, but we also want to breathe. Shoutout to Twenty Six for making sure fashion girlies can cross these two things off their checklist. 

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4. Pepper Row 

Pepper Row is all about sustainability — something we need to start prioritsing  in this Nigeria. Taking a page from the past with hand-dyed and hand-woven pieces, the label caters to easy-breezy fashion girlies who want to look cute, but also protect the ozone layer. In a fast-paced industry where clothes are either being made or disposed of every minute, Pepper Row’s commitment to recycling in fashion is a rare and commendable feat. 

6. Melodia 

Last year, the people on Jack Dorsey’s app discovered the Melodia dress and since then, we’ve known no peace. Every “it” girl wants to tweet their fire jpegs and attach the name “Melodia” and we can’t even blame them. From the short dresses that give good girl with a sprinkle of bad bitch to the more structural pieces the label has been serving recently, it’s been fun to watch the Melodia brand grow, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

6. Whipped and Co

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls can be found dancing and having fun in their Whipped and Co outfits. Made for the confident, carefree and in the moment girlies, this label can give you sexy brunch babe and rich single aunty in one look. Here’s our purse, Whipped and Co, finish us! Please, drain our accounts. 

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