Big Brother’s decided to gather all his favourite children together in his house.  Doesn’t matter if the last time he saw you was six years ago or last year, he called, they answered. Obviously, that has changed the dynamics of the game. What we didn’t expect, however, was for them to turn Biggie’s house into a secondary school with their numerous cliques, factions, and general behavior.

 Head Girl

At Biggie’s school for the stars and star-lites, Mercy’s the resident head girl, and understandably so. She settles fights, treats all the girls like her little sisters, and loves on everyone…that isn’t trying her school daughter.

Clique – The bad b**ch squad

Relationship status – Her boyfriend goes to a different school.

 Head Girl’s school daughter

It’s giving Mercy’s school daughter, but not the kind where everything ends at school. She and Mercy are neighbours, and they do everything together; sneaking out to parties and fighting each other’s battles.  She’s vocal about what she believes in and is president of the Debate, Press, and World Leaders Clubs.

Clique – The bad b**ch squad

Relationship status – She says her boyfriend is in another school, but right now, Soma is nice to her, and she likes it.

Head Boy

When Mercy contested for her head girl position, Frodd, her bestie, decided to throw his hat into the head boy ring. He’s giving off serious “I can’t come and kill myself” head-boy energy. He just wants to walk in wisdom, tell everyone about his girlfriend, let Seyi (his deputy) do all the heavy work, and treat all the girls in the school like his sisters.

Clique – He belongs to none, but he belongs to all. 

Relationship status – His girlfriend goes to a different school.

Deputy Head Girl

Venita’s the assistant head girl, so on the rare occasion where people try to undermine Mercy’s authority, she steps right in and calls everyone to order. At the beginning of the term all you had to do was whisper gbas from across the room, and she’d be ready to give you gbos; but now she has a little crush on a junior, and that seems to have calmed her down. 

Clique – The bad b**ch squad

Relationship status – In a thing with Junior Adekunle. Don’t ask what it is, but it makes her giddy.

Social Prefect

Neoenergy is Venita’s cousin and, in turn, Mercy’s school son. He’s the finest and most popular boy in school; everyone wants him, but he just wants to focus on his books and making his crush girlfriend best friend happy. He’s the social prefect too, and he takes his work very seriously.

Clique – It’s just him and his bestie.

Relationship status – He says single, but don’t let his bestie catch you near him.

Deputy Social Prefect

Neoenergy’s best friend and the deputy head girl’s school daughter. All the girls in school know not to go near Neo because his best friend has craze and is not afraid to show it. 

Clique –  It’s just her and her bestie.

Relationship status – She says single, but we see her around Neoenergy, and it’s not giving single.

Labour Prefect

He went to military school for a total of two weeks then transferred to Biggie’s school for stars and star-lites. Since then, he’s been walking around like he owns the place. 

Clique – The “Na We Dey Run Am” clique

Relationship Status – None, but we see him with Alex.


He got back from America five years ago but has refused to let go of his accent. His parents sent him to Nigeria to teach him a lesson, but instead of learning, he’s been scheming, plotting, and stealing from people’s lockers.

Clique –  The “Na We Dey Run Am” clique

Relationship status – Single to a blinding stupor

Mess Hall Prefect

She’s the hottest babe in the school. She knows what she wants and sorry for you if it’s your man because she will take him . She’s the the Mess Hall Prefect and also president of the Home Maker’s club , so it makes sense that she and Whitemoney get into little arguments every now and again.

Clique –  None

Relationship status – Anywhere belle face. Right now, it seems to be in Kiddwaya’s direction.

Self-proclaimed school therapist

Junior Doyin believes she knows best, which is probably why she’s appointed herself the role of Ilebaye’s voice of reasoning/therapist/truth talker. All her besties in school are boys. 

Clique –  D ‘n’ I against the world

Relationship status – Single, but eyeing Kiddwaya.

Proprietor’s grandchild

She’s giving peak “I’m the proprietor’s grandchild”. She likes to talk about how calm she is but always finds herself on the seniors’ floor, causing trouble.

Clique –  D ‘n’ I against the world

Relationship status – Single, but if your boyfriend enters her eyes, sorry.

Deputy Mess Hall Prefect

He’s the school cook’s son, so it makes sense that he’s the vice president of the Home Maker’s club, and the deputy Mess Hall prefect. He’s always trying to correct Uriel’s recipes, sewing skills, and leadership style. Whitemoney’s also started a small side hustle where he sells jollof rice out of his locker.

Clique – We don’t know, but it looks like their meeting spot is the kitchen.

Relationship status – Single.

The School’s fighting sisters

They’re half sisters but they can’t stand each other and always carry their beef from house to school. They both belong to the Writer’s club, and every club gathering turns into a Cynthia vs Amuche showdown.

Clique – They belong to none

Relationship status – Single, but Cross and Pere, respectively, are on their cases.

Vice President of Debate Team

He’s the vice president of the debate team. While he’s nice to all the girls, all he wants to do is read his books and hold Venita’s hand.

Clique –  None, he’s just observing

Relationship status – Don’t tell Venita yet, but we think he likes her.



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