Figuring out your love life — whether it’s dating or potentially tying the knot — is not an easy feat, but Zikoko is always here to help. So, we’ve graciously gathered 11 of our most popular relationship quizzes to help you sort it all out.

1. How Romantic Are You?

Wanna know whether you have a single romantic bone in your body? Take the quiz.

2. What’s Your Love Language?

Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time or physical touch? Take the quiz.

3. How Dateable Are You?

Are you a nightmare to date or not? Take the quiz.

4. What Grade Does Your Love Life Deserve?

Have you had a lot of meaningful relationships (a coveted A) or have you been saddled with a bunch of shitty ones (a disappointing F)? Take the quiz.

5. What Kind Of Partner Are You Drawn To?

Are you drawn to nerdy people, funny people, caring people or toxic people? Take the quiz.

6. Are You Marriage Material?

Are you ready to get married? If you think the answer is “yes”, the next question is: Will you make a good spouse? Take the quiz.

7. Can We Guess When You’ll Marry?

We are going to attempt to guess when you’ll marry based on your favourite Nigerian foods. Take the quiz.

8. Which Major Nigerian Tribe Will You Marry From?

Will your future spouse be Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa? Well, we know the answer. Take the quiz.

9. How Old Is Your Soulmate?

Is your soulmate younger than you, older than you or the same age as you? Take the quiz.

10. What Kind Of People Do You Attract?

Good-looking people, unavailable people or rich people? We know the kind of people you attract? Take the quiz.

11. What Kind Of Spouse Will You Be?

Romantic, unfaithful, reliable, detached or supportive? We know the kind of spouse you’ll be. Take the quiz.



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