Quite a few music projects have excited listeners in the last three months since 2024 started. Now that the first quarter has come to a close, we’ve selected the most impressive of the releases and unpacked them for you. The selection metrics are production, songwriting, mixing and replay value.

Love Practitioner — Anendlessocean

Anendlessocean has hacked crafting music that keeps lovers entangled in romance until they realise the artist is singing about his love for God. Love Practitioner follows the Afrobeats structure with Amapiano toppings while the lyrics carry the message of love (for God) that doesn’t want to let go. Believers can easily sneak this into any party playlist.

Folake — taves

20-year-old taves is the Afrobeats rave of the moment. After years of releasing music since he was 16, taves’ latest single, Folake, audaciously swings into the Nigerian music space in the form of a funky R&B-disco. Without tripping over his Afropop and Hip-Hop roots, taves glides the beat and beautifully bemoans the possible start of a new relationship with Folake, likely another babe he met somewhere in Ibadan.

Fall In Love — Flavour feat. Efya

The merit of Fall In Love isn’t based only on its execution; its composition holds cultural and pop appeal, perfected down to the Highlife undertones and breezy performance of Ghana’s Efya. Flavour and Efya harmonise to the joy of finding love again. Find Fall In Love on Flavour’s eighth studio album, “African Royalty”.

Toxic — Bagetti

Toxic love is unhealthy, but it’s the message behind many great songs for some reason. Bagetti throws shots at a time-wasting ex she used to be obsessed with. While it’s a fuck-you song, she wishes he wouldn’t suffer the same emotional distress she battled in the relationship. If you need a word of prayer for an ex you don’t like, here it is. 💀

Everyday (I Dey Pray) — Kold AF & Aema

Those who work hard deserve to eat. Singers Kold AF and Aema reiterate this on Everyday (I Dey Pray). They’re confident in the work that’s gone into their craft, and failure isn’t allowed for them.

Demons and Angels — Wizard Chan

Wizard Chan taps into his inner consciousness to wrestle evil and preserve his good side. Demons and Angels is about fighting his distractions and vices as he tries to gain clarity. The song production is unusual and enjoyable. Drill fused with pop and reggae? Let’s have it.

Last Card — Brume

“No be me kill Jesus, me I must shaye o” is the essence of Brume’s Last Card, a song about enjoyment. It’s a simple, sing-along reminder that you only live once. Chop life today; tomorrow may be too late.

Holy Maria — Plug Music

Budding singers, TianaOtc, AddyOX and Psyy, won’t a second more with a lover who does the barest minimum. Hot girls are up, and you need to hear it loud and clear on Holy Maria, the fourth track on “Celine” EP (an all-babes project produced by Plug Music).

No Forget Home — Timi Dakolo

This is a reminder not to forget one’s humble beginnings. Timi Dakolo went fully experimental without losing his core audience in this mix of contemporary and indigenous music.

Peace of Mind — ILLBliss feat. Fave

Fave’s melodic hook and production, and the grown-man bars ILLBliss laid, set Peace of Mind apart as one of the highlights of his new album, “Sideh Kai”. The song is about blocking out bad energy and staying calm. Something every Nigerian needs to survive the current economic landscape.



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