African animation is enjoying a breakthrough this 2023, showcasing some of our finest talents to the world on platforms like Disney and ShowMax. Netflix’s first original African-animated series launched in July too. We celebrate these power moves and the opportunity portal they’ve opened for many African creators.

While we anticipate more progress, we look at some of the best animated pictures African cinema has produced in 2023 so far.

Kiya & The Kimoja Heroes

This pre-school series is about a trio of best friends: Kiya, Jay and Motsie. They wield their music, dancing, martial arts and high-tech tools into formidable superpowers whenever they need to defend their community, Kimoja. Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes will have little kids thinking they’re tougher than Rambo with the flexible movement of the animation, sharp picture and bright colours.

Supa Team 4

This is Netflix’s first original animated series from Africa, which debuted in July 2023 to wide acclaim. Supa Team 4 is a Zambian neo-futuristic children’s series focused on the adventures of four schoolgirls trying to save the world from doom. It gives Nickelodeon Junior vibes, but its vibrant animation, storytelling and setting make it a fresh watch.

Garbage Boy and Trash Can

This Ridwan Moshood-animated superhero epic, Garbage Boy and Trash Can, brings the watchers into a world where everything is valuable, including garbage. In July 2023, it became the first Nigerian-made animation on Cartoon Network. The show is creative with its characters, pushing the watchers’ imagination to see inanimate things as extraordinary with live-action and hybrid programming.

Kizazi Moto: Génération Feu

Kehinde Bankole, Lillian Dube, Nasty C and Florence Kasumba voice characters in this animated short film series. You’re in for a futuristic Africa in Kizazi Moto, so if you like 3D animated actions, advanced tech, aliens and monsters, you’d love this.

Ajaka: Lost In Rome

This 2D animated series comes from the stable of Spoof Animation. It follows an exiled Alaafin of Oyo as he fights to escape slavery under a gladiator in Rome and return to the motherland.

Aau’s Song

Aau’s Song is the ninth episode of the Star Wars: Visions Volume 2. It brought the galaxy to Korba, a planet that mirrors South Africa. A little girl called Aau has singing abilities that can purify lightsaber crystals. With its sharp drawing, highlight effects, you’ll love this.


Mikolo is a children’s animation and live-action film by Niyi Akinmolayan. It’s about two kids who became friends with a magical bird after their curiosity led them into a mystical forest. Though it focuses on the kids, parents can learn from it about mending broken relationships and working hand-in-hand with other parents to raise their kids.



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