People often refer to Shakespeare as one of the greatest writers of all time, but did he write Watimagbo? No. 

After careful research and deep thought, we’ve decided to throw Davido’s name into the mix as the best thing to happen to lyricism. With the Baddest Boy remix currently taking over social media, it’s only right we have this conversation now. These lyrics serve as evidence that no one is seeing David Adeleke when it comes to this songwriting thing. 

1. “Light me up o Faraday” — Champion Sound 

Who needs a whole Ministry of Education when David is out here dishing out knowledge for free? A little physics lesson here dears, the Faraday referenced in this song is Michael Faraday, the father of electricity and the first person to build an electric generator. Bet you didn’t know that. Come through, Prof. David.  

2. “If nothing lasts forever o, me and you we go be nothing forever o” — Flora my flawa

This one is elite mathematics. Everyone says, “Nothing lasts forever,” and our guy, David, wants his relationship to last forever. So it only makes sense that they become nothing. 

3. “When I look into your eyes all I see is your waist” — D&G 

Omo x1000. We tried our best but this time, the math isn’t mathing. David, you wrote D&G, please, come and explain yourself.

4. “You go chop Nigerian koboko, straight from Magodo” — Baddest Boy Remix

We know what koboko means in this context, but why is it from Magodo? We’re going to need Magodo residents to explain this one. Is the koboko from Magodo a different type? What’s going on? We have so many questions.

5. “Wake up and jump-start. I go chop you like oha” — High

Oha is one of the sweetest soups on planet Earth — if you don’t believe us, argue with your taste buds. That being said, if anybody offers to eat you like oha, please carry your slippers and run because when they finish, omo, nothing will remain o. 

6. “Shukura ki lo kosi o, Shuku shaker, Aya shoemaker” — FIA

This is one line that lives rent free in our heads. No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people going

7. “Love is sweet o. When money enter love is sweeter” — Assurance 

Where’s the lie? Saying “I love you” is cute and all,  but you know what makes love better? Credit alerts, private jets and creamy pasta. You know it, we know it.  

8. “Baby no feeding bottle” — Nwa Baby

There are two types of babies, and on Nwa Baby, we find our fave lyrical genius doing his best to make sure you know the baby he’s referring to is his lover, not a child. Overraw best in English. 



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