In the late 2000s to the mid-2010s, the biggest music trend in Nigeria was releasing a song with an accompanying dance move. We saw basically every artist release a song that was essentially an instruction audio and video on how to nail club moves. From Wizkid to Olamide, everyone who was somebody in Nigeria’s music industry at the time released one of these. Today, we are ranking the very best of the best dance moves from the late 2000s to mid-2010s.


I was really young when Yahooze came out so maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem like such a good dance or a big dance moment to me but I have some questions. How did Olu Maintain convince the millennials and boomers that they were dancing by throwing two fingers in the air? What was happening? I need answers.

Shakiti Bobo

Now I’ll admit it, I liked this song when it came out. However, I am of the very strong opinion that this was one of Nigeria’s worst dance moves. And the reason I say this is because it was so painful to do.


I personally think the movements for Alanta were really weird. But that said, it is possibly one of my favourite dance moves to come out from Nigeria. It was chaotic but fun as hell.


This was my jam. For those who know and were fans of Davido back then, this song had an unofficial video as well as the official video. I watched both and I was obsessed with them both. This song was released in the thick of the ‘every hit song needs it’s own dance move’ phase and it was so good and ticked all the right boxes. Great song? Check. Bomb video? Check. Crazy and stressful dance moves? Check.


I believe Shoki was one of the best dance phenomenons to ever hit Nigeria. It was relatively easy and all the songs that were titled Shoki were actually good. So it’s easy to see why it had us in such a chokehold. It was a game-changer and is possibly one of the best dance move that has ever hit the Nigerian music scene. I have like three shoki songs on permanent repeat till today, it’s just that good.


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