Nigerian fandoms are super special because they took the concept of “stanning” and somehow made it even more terrifying than it already was. There are plenty of Nigerian fandoms (a lot of them without official names) but we are here to honour today to call out the ones who have taken the insanity of stanning to a whole other level of insanity.

1) The Big Brother Naija Fandom:

Big Brother Naija stans have been known to do THEE ABSOLUTE MOST. They start fan clubs online for their favourite housemates that eventually spill into the real world and involve customized merch, billboards, prayer groups, guerilla marketing teams, etc. They have such chaotic energy that at some point in 2019, they managed to make Toke Makinwa a voice of reason.

Gurl, I…

2) Tacha’s fandom from Big Brother 2019

After being lured into a fight by her nemesis and getting disqualified days before the finale, fans of Anita Natacha Akide (popularly known as Tacha) have refused to shut up about how the number one spot was stolen from her. They call themselves “Titans” (even though Tacha herself called them the Body Odour Gang) and they somehow have the ability to make her trend on Twitter anytime they feel like, leading to badly-written, cult-sounding tweets like this:

Gurl, wtf…

3) Mercy fandom from Big Brother 2019

Mercy was the nemesis who lured Tacha into the fight that got her disqualified, leading to her taking first place. The fandoms for both girls (Mercenaries and Titans, respectively) have been at each other’s throats since, wishing death on people’s parents and other shit. It’s been like a year. These people need to get lives.

4) Wizkid FC & Davido’s Stans

Even though the artistes involved have proved multiple times that they are on good terms, the stans (Wizkid FC and Davido’s yet to be named fanbase) refuse to hear, always trying to start drama between the two. One can’t achieve a thing without the other being brought in to be compared. It’s gross and tiring. Tueh!



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