2023 has been a busy year for the Nigerian music industry, particularly Afrobeats. As artists like Burna Boy and Rema aggressively sell out shows and arenas, get nominations and win awards, they’re also in the studio to cook jams and feed their fans new music. 

Over the past few years, the new generation artists have held our attention and climbed up to new, noticeable heights. After a series of releases and commercial success, one would expect these artists to present to us their full-length musical projects this year, but we’re still biting nails with no hope they’ll serve us.

These are the new school Nigerian artists we expected to drop an album in 2023.


In the last two years, Tems has trailblazed her path and registered herself as a global brand. She has worked withartists like Brent Faiyaz (Found), Drake (Fountains), Rihanna (Life Me Up), and Beyoncé (MOVE), showing her musical range. After the releases of two EPs (For the Broken Ears in 2020 and If Orange Was A Place in 2021), we’re due for an album.

Although the release of Me & U may be a step closer to Tems’ debut album, we don’t know how many steps are left to get us there. On November 20, 2023, Tems tweeted on X that she’d leave the internet and lean more into the background after her debut album drops. There’s no pointer it’s coming out in 2023. Temilade, see you in 2024.


We anticipate an Oxlade album, but he’ll also take the time to get back in the right headspace. The falsetto-singer mentioned in an interview this year that he went through a lot mentally and Ku Lo Sa was one of the expressive pieces that came out of this situationl.

Ku Lo Sa is now one of Oxlade’s biggest songs ever. Also, he just released a two-song pack which has a very emotional single, KATIGORI, which addresses backbiters andfolks sabotaging his brand and business. In all that, he still found a pocket to remind his peers and detractors he’s far above them. Honestly, this type of confidence sounds fresh from him and gives the let-me-talk-my-shit vibes. With his current energy, he needs to give us the album ASAP!


Victony has had an incredible run in 2023, defining the year with hits like Soweto (original and remix), Jolene, My Darling, Angelus, Jaga Jaga, No Joke, and the latest, Ohema, which has over 14 other artists on it. Though it’s an incredible idea and execution, I’m wondering why he can’t just make an album and feature each one of them.


We heard the ATOM EP in 2022, and we were sure it was the next direction after Magixx’s self-titled debut EP. Fast forward to 2023, only three songs (Colors, Loyal and Maria) have come out from the artist. Yes, they’re great titles but we exist in a period where almost all his new-cats colleagues likeCrayon, Rema, Ruger, Teni, Blaqbonez etc., have dropped their albums.But we’re patient and looking forward to his 2024 plans. Hopefully there’s an album in it.


Honestly, we are tired of getting only singles from Fave. It’s like giving a kid a piece of biscuit but never the whole pack. Don’t you want us to get filled? If that’s Fave’s intention, releasing a few songs and doing some features here and there, then she wins. Maybe in 2024, we’ll get a full experience of her talent and artistry in an album.


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