Electronic dance music (EDM) isn’t new in Nigeria but it’s not a popular genre. Around 2017, the scene began working its way back up. Though slow but steady, it’s multiplying and gearing up to capture the mainstream and Naija music industry at large.

Buzzing with great talents right now; from producers to DJs to recording acts. If you love it, or just enjoy exploring different sounds or dancing, these are some of the Nigerian EDM artists that should be on your radar.

Sigag Lauren

He’s a known DJ, music producer and songwriter-singer who’s been building his rep since he entered the industry in 2018 after he put out his debut single, Party Night. Since then, he’s made numerous notable EDM remixes of popular hits songs like Joeboy’s Baby, DJ Neptune’s Why, etc. Beyond his remixes, Sigag has released original singles such as Jollof and Silver Lining and an EP, Sounds From The Internet. Although his sound is primarily EDM, he fuses afrobeats to achieve a percussive and electronic rhythm. Sigag Lauren is doing really cool stuff in the EDM space; no wonder cosigns have been coming in left and right from popular artists and producers like Adekunle Gold and Major Bangz. In June 2023, he featured Ric Hassani on his single, Minds Already Made Up.

Sensei Lo

She’s a DJ and Afro-EDM producer that’s actively present in the Lagos nightlife. She’s been playing DJ sets for over nine years, but started producing EDM in 2019. Since then, she has gone on to perform at Eko Electro, Asa Baako (One Dance) Festival (2019 and 2020), Major Lazer Live, etc. As a producer, she has featured on Moto Kiatu’s Yele, Chike’s Insecure remix. Sensei Lo has cemented herself as one of the top women and biggest players in the Nigerian and West-African EDM movement.

Maze x Mxtreme

These talented EDM duo are instantly recognisable; with their to-match fashionable hats, nose masks and attires. Their uptempo music and electrifying performances transform legs on the dancefloor. While they’re pure EDM musicians, their sound has slight fusions of afrobeats, dancehall indie, house and future bass. Their music has  taken them to places like the South-South Music Awards Opening 2016 (the same year they started making music), Jamrock Easter Fiesta and Club Cubana. Recently, they produced the Fast Lane Motorsport theme soundtrack. Just like their slogan, they didn’t come to play, they came to play!

Jamie Black

Jamie Black’s Afro-EDM remixes set him apart among his peers — his high energy, unique reimagination of songs are unparalleled. He has remixed songs like Wizkid’s Bad To Me, Burna Boy’s It’s Plenty, Rema’s Calm Down. As a producer, he worked on Roju, off Chike’s Dance of The Booless, Vol. 2. When he’s not remixing or producing, he’s putting out singles and collaborations with the likes of Sigag Lauren and CALIX who he featured on his latest song, FELA IN IBIZA.

Tony Koya

Apparently, Tony is a music producer that got into EDM after a friend introduced him to the sound. From that moment he knew music production was inevitable for him. His style spreads across chill lo-fi productions to bass heavy electronics inspired by other ranges of sound. There’s a unique thing in Tony Koya’s music; it can feel really chill when that’s your mood, but also fits right into rave His new single, Norturne explores trap metal and jersey club sounds, producing a nostalgic vibe of old video game soundtracks and the modern energy of rave dance music.  


He started DJing in university in 2015, but quickly got bored of the monotonous sounds that played everywhere, so he went back to the drawing board and fleshed out another plan to set himself apart among peers and in the industry. Some time between 2016 and 2017, he came across EDM and hasn’t looked back. In 2018, he shared a stage with the likes of DJ Snake and Major Lazer. In the same year, he started Village Sound System group with three other DJs (Sensei Lo, A and Isimo).



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