The male fashionistas of today are popular for their originality and unrestricted sense of style. Gone are the days of copying the “American rapper” fashion template once deeply seated in Afro-pop culture. 

Looking for inspiration from stylish Nigerian men to step up your own game? These are the guys to check out.


As one of the founding fathers of Alté music, it isn’t hard to link Teezee‘s fashion style to the culture. He’s not your regular music and record label executive. You’ll only ever catch him in street or athleisure wear, casual clothes or adire pants for that Nigerian flavour.

IG: @teezee

Alani Gram

Alani Gram is almost always in Yoruba trad, but some days, it’s hats, suits and other comfortable clothes. Still he looks like everyday is summer to him. He recently launched MŌYÀTÒ — a unisex fashion brand making vintage Yorùbá prints and patterns into the coolest designs and wears. You can be stylishly different like Alani. Do it for the culture and carry on tradition.

IG: @alanigram


One of the few guys who rock jerseys better than football players is Feedy. Football jerseys have broken into the fashion industry, but many folks haven’t caught on yet. Learn from Feedy AKA TheFeedbackBoy, who rocks football jerseys of all kind, from retro to classic. He’s so cool, he styles the current reigning video director, TG Omori. Feedy’s style community, Old Capsule, is focused on showcasing, selling and promoting vintage soccer jersey products.

IG: @thefeedbackboy

TG Omori

Speaking of, if you follow TG Omori on any of his social accounts, it’s clear to see why he’s one of the most fashionable young men in Nigeria today. Unique sunglasses, cool tops and unusual shoe choices are major components of his style, but he’s also unpredictable.  Aside from his spectacular locs and gold grills, TG’s thick moustache makes him look even more stylish. Everything about him screams, “I’m so cool.” 

IG: @boy_director

Walter Banks

Walter Banks AKA Wacko is a photographer and creative director who’s worked with many Afrobeats A-listers, and his eye for fashionable AF looks is A1. His style hangs between street fashion and Alté.

IG: @wark_jacko


Nothing overboard with Faraz Muhammad’s steeze but lots of iconic European street and rare Asian fashion releases. He knows how to throw all the simple clothes together and make runway swag out of it. He may appear like a Korean mountain climber on some days, but kids and adults can take inspiration from him any day.

IG: @sixhunred

Dwin, the Stoic

Dwin wears silky tunics and suits, large clothes only Japanese warlords would wear, fascinating gold earrings and rings like Shabba Ranks. He’s very much royal and relaxed with his style. Out of ten folks, you’d hardly find two who dress like him. 


If you want the why-couldn’t-I-think-of-those type of looks in your wardrobe, Ejirhogene is who to follow. His style creatively crosses cultures and puts different clothings together to make unique outfits. This guy can rock agbada, durag and school sandals and still be the best dressed in the room. His finesse peaks with cool and unique colour combinations and accessory collections.

Twitter: @Ejirhogene_

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