It’s the season of Barbie, and all shades of pink and pastel. On July 20, 2023, Nigerian celebrities appeared as “Barbies” and “Kens” at the Filmhouse IMAX Cinema in Lekki, Lagos, for the premiere of arguably the biggest movie of 2023.

From James Brown to Kie Kie, these popular personalities dressed up and showed out as different versions of the iconic Barbie doll.

Summer Barbie

DJ TGarbs chose to channel a foreign season but with a tropical spin on it, of course. This barbie is ready to be outside all August long.

Classic Barbie

Simplicity is the sauce of Hilda Baci. She gave the long pastel gown her own twists, adding a gown with puffy arms. Hilda ate.

Malibu Barbie

This is what we call soft life Barbie. She looks like she whoops while Ken drives her convertible.

Radical Ken

“Come in pink” but this bro said no. Maybe Sheggz saw this random doll photo somewhere before he headed to the venue. 

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Medieval princess Barbie

Kie Kie showed up like a Barbie straight out of the 11th century, but in a pink and thigh-high slit that’ll put Ken in a chokehold.

Cowgirl Barbie

Tomike came prepared for a rodeo. Glamorous in her cowgirl outfit straight out of a scene in the movie. Complete with a buttoned vest and boot-cut pants, she really ate.

Barbie Wannabe

Yes, the Princess of Africowwww was inspired by Barbie. But this still wasn’t a hit.

Barbie miss-road

Why is “blown-blown” tied to her body like a wrapper? 

Corporate Barbie

The pink + orange colour combination is proof that variety is the spice of life.

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