No one can deny that Kemi Adetiba redefined moviemaking in Nollywood with her 2018 hit movie, King Of Boys. Unlike most Nigerian movies flooding cinemas these days, King of Boys served everything from an amazing story to well-fleshed out characters, brought to life by a cast (led by Sola Sobowale) who all brought their ‘A’ game. However, in the year since the movie was released, there have been a million and one reviews gushing about the movie’s superb quality. Which is why I’m here today to talk about something different.

The movie’s totally meme-able scenes.

Let’s get into it.

1) That one scene in the movie’s opening where Eniola asks the spy (who’s been beaten within an inch of his life) if he has eaten.

2) This scene where Eniola promises to help a woman whose daughter has been impregnated by a guy who’s trying to deny the child.

3) When Eniola is trying to get the mum and her daughter to buy the expensive material.

4) When one thug is giving Makanaki gist about the time he fought 50 armed men singlehandedly but it’s clear that Makanaki isn’t buying any of it.

5) When Eniola is yelling at Mr Onitiri (a messenger of the governor) after he brings her the bad news of her ministerial appointment no longer being feasible.

6) When Eniola goes to see Aare to vent about not getting her ministerial appointment but he starts bombarding her with pointless small talk.

7) When Eniola is insulting Aare for not getting her the ministerial appointment she was promised but still calls him “sir”.

8) When the thugs invade the empty house dressed as NCCC agents so they can steal the stash of dollars in the septic tank and that one security guard who wasn’t around when his colleagues were rounded up comes back with the food he went to buy.



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