Historical K-dramas and Nollywood Epics use the same script with minor tweaks from time to time. You can’t tell me otherwise, especially not when I have this much proof. 

1.  Misunderstandings always start because the Prince talked to a girl that isn’t betrothed to him.  

When they write these characters, they don’t write the ability to communicate like human beings into their lines. For some reason, this only always happens but is necessary to move the plot. 

2. Flashbacks

Nollywood epics and Historical K-dramas loooove flashbacks, even for the stupidest things, too. Their flashbacks are the movie equivalent of “this could have just been an email”. 

3. Romantic interlude

Not the way they do in Indian movies, but there’s always that interlude where the prince and his love interest finally get to enjoy being in love, but that’s also how you know one of them is about to be kidnapped or killed. Can’t win with these guys. 

4. Wicked queen mother/auntie

I mean, this character has to exist. Who else will poison the king and get all the maids to make the prince’s love interest’s life hell? Someone has to take one of the team and it has to be her. 

5. An uncle plotting to steal the throne

There are two ways to write this character: he either has to be the younger brother of the dead king or the older brother of the queen with a son that somehow isn’t as wicked as him. His only goal is to get the throne at any cost, no character development, please. 

6. A character willing to do anything for the prince’s affection

See, if I’d been told that I was going to marry some rich prince when I was five and he falls in love with a peasant because she smiled at him once, I too would try to kill her. 

7. A big fight scene in the place or forest 

Come on, it’s not a historical drama if they don’t fight in the palace or the forest. Bonus point if the prince is trying to protect his love interest and gets injured or short term amnesia. Historical K-dramas can give you hypertension.

8. A court maid that makes life easy for the Prince’s love interest

This character can be young or old, but the only reason she’s there is to be the Prince’s love interest’s ride-or-die. She always knows all the gist and uses it to keep her lady safe.  The best character for real.

9. The clown

This one is always oblivious to all the bad things happening in the palace because all he does is drink and womanise.  And also, he has to take that sword to the stomach for the prince. 


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