I hate leaving my house. 

“Hate” might be a really strong word, but I don’t like the idea of leaving my bed to go outside just to meet unnecessary billing. So I always try my best to avoid it. 

Unfortunately for me, my best wasn’t good enough this weekend because guess who went to the Fly Pool Party?!

The party took place at Muri Okunola Park in VI, and I want to say I got there at the 1 p.m. call time on the flier, but then, i’d be a liar who lives a fake life, so I won’t do that. I got to the party at 2, and everything was already in motion. People were streaming in and playing games, the DJ was killing it on stage, the food vendors were cooking up a storm and the Flying Fish was flowing. I needed a minute to take it all in and consider my first point of call. After thinking about it long and hard, weighing the pros and cons, and winning the battle with my stomach, I marched right to the drinks stand. It was me and Flying Fish today.

The party was premium vibes, and everyone looked like they were having a blast, from the people at the four photobooths (yep, you read that right, FOUR) to those at the games area, playing table tennis and foosball. Everywhere I turned, someone was making a video, taking really cool pictures or drawing the coolest stuff. I’d see a blank big ass whiteboard one second, and the next time I turned towards it, there’d be black doodles or brightly coloured text on it. I was living for every single bit of it. I saw this one girl make a transition video from the blue grass (yes, BLUE grass) to the massive Flying Fish banner. And I swear something in me lit up when I saw people posing with Flying Fish bottles in their hands, giving Nigeria’s Next Top Model.

Speaking of models, Modella was at the party. Actually, Modella, Dotun, Chizzy and Kanaga Jr. were at the party, and now that I’ve seen them in person, I’m going to need Big Brother to fix the cameras in his houses because they’re not doing his children justice.

They got on that big-ass stage, so I got my third cup of beer and stood right in front of it. They started with a rap competition, and this one babe’s entire bar was just her saying, “In the park, in the park. Fly pool party in the park.” They moved to a dancing competition, and Kanaga Jr., Dotun and Modella picked their teams of three people from the crowd. That was when I knew I wouldn’t leave the park with my voice intact. Everytime someone dropped a killer move, I “ayyed” like I’d never ayyed before. Like that wasn’t enough, Kanaga Jr. decided to do a little two-step to remind us that the dancing we saw in Biggie’s house could be replicated in real life. 

After they left the stage, I thought, “Okay, that’s all. I can go home now.” I thought wrong. Five minutes later, the hypemen started doing the damn thing, and I found myself jumping and responding to their, “Are you a flying fish?” with “I’m a flying fish”.

The next thing I heard was that DJ Dope Caesar was getting on stage. I saw her head, and I almost fainted. I screamed so loud, and after every two songs, a Shallipopi song would come up, and I’d jump and shout and dance like my life depended on it. It really felt like it did.

While I was at the front having the time of my life, the people behind us were having the time of their lives at the pool.

The Fly Pool Party had something for everyone. Just so we knew they were serious about the “fly” part of the party, they hired the services of Superman to fly for us if need be.



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