Is it just us or the ‘gbas gbos’ on the streets of social media this month was not as terrible as the first two weeks of October? It was as though October was the month of premium breakfast chopping, with a side of generator dragging!

Still, last week gave us some moments that allowed us to lose our training for just a little bit, even one or two moments made us scatter the ground a bit.

So, here’s what we got:

1. Burna’s Paris performance:

Burna boy shut down Paris! The singer’s Stockholm concert was such a hit. We may not be in the ‘obodo oyinbo’, but thank God for social media.

The videos that have been popping up online have been nothing short of aaaaaaah! Packed hall, lights everywhere, Burna owning the stage. We may be overusing the phrase, but we will say it – Naija to the world!

The videos made us go a little crazy *covers eyes*

Level of home training lost: 8/10

Burna Boy performing at Stockholm Paris

2. Livespot X:

Livespot X’s concerts have become a highlight of how ‘detty’ December would be. When it did not happen last year, it was obvious how the end of the year would look like. COVID-19 was giving us a headache so everyone wanted to be safe.

But now that we are more tired of the pandemic, and since Nigerians are insistent that ‘odeshi’ is real, Livespot X is back and we are ready to paint everywhere. We are celebrating this year and the last, because who knows what 2022 would bring.

Level of home training lost: 8/10

Livespot X announcement Flyer

3. P Square almost-reunion:

When Paul and Peter Okoye of the defunct PSquare duo split in 2016 we were heartbroken. How could Nigeria’s favourite twins split up without putting our feelings into consideration?

When Plantashun Boiz came together at NecLive’s gathering to celebrate Sound Sultan – 8th Wonda, some people saw the writing on the wall. We don’t know how legible that writing was because the boys are not back, exactly. But there is good news!

Anita Okoye, lawyer, social activist and entrepreneur and Paul’s wife posted a video on her Instagram page – it showed Peter taking Paul and Anita Okoye’s children out for some early Christmas shopping. To many, that video was a great step.

Then we noticed that Paul and Peter began following one another on Instagram! What God cannot do does not exist!

Are we getting a December reunion?

Level of home training lost: 5/10

Video from Anita Okoye’s Instagram Page

4. Rivers’ Flood & Fishing Nets:

The rainy weather seems to have no pattern. It’s November and it’s raining cats and dogs?

Well, a video of residents who live close to Brick House, Port Harcourt, River State, surfaced last week. The residents were spotted carrying fishing nets while actually fishing in the flood.

Well, when life throws you incessant rains, find a way to fish!

Level of home training lost: 3/10

A snapshot of residents fishing in the flood

5. ₦6,000 iPhone and 11:11:

November is Black Friday month, all the stores on the gram and on the actual streets would not let us hear well anymore. The best deals at break-neck prices? Cool, we have heard it all. Well, at least we thought we did.

Then we heard that a baker living in Abuja – Gara Stephanie –  nabbed an iPhone 13 for ₦6,850 during Jumia’s Black Friday Sale How? Where were we when the God of this woman was sharing destinies?

Before we could cough, on Friday, Jumia Nigeria held its 11:11 deal fiesta, with various deals including an 11% discount on everything in the Jumia store; 1,111 lucky customers were selected to win an 11% discount on vouchers bought, and 1,111 customers also got the opportunity to win ₦11,000 vouchers by purchasing on the Jumia App before 11:00 pm.

Sigh, where can we swap our destiny like this? Thankfully, the sale is on till November 30, 2021, and two phones are up for grabs this week. On Wednesday, if you are feeling lucky, you can try to win the Samsung Galaxy A22 during the Jumia treasure hunt or purchase an iPhone 12 (6GB/128GB) for ₦5,790 on Friday.

Level of home training lost: 8/10

iPhone 13

Now, would we be horrible if we pray and hope for a repeat of October with enough juicy gist for us to laugh at? We are shameless but there goes our prayer.

Arike Willoughby is a writer and an all-round rebel living in Lagos, Nigeria


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