With the song Essence by Wizkid & Tems being the biggest song out of Nigeria right now, we’ll seem like haters telling you not to listen to it. But our advice is from a good place, and we have your best interest at heart. Here’s a list of times you should not listen to Essence by Wizkid & Tems.

1. When you are cheating.

cheating to essence playing in the background  essence by wizkid tems

It is bad enough that you are even cheating, you are now telling your cheating partner that they don’t need another body. Really?. You want to eat your cake and have it. Sounds like greed to us sha.

2. When you are trying to move on from your ex.

essence by wizkid tems

You don’t need them in the morning and you don’t need them now either. Whatever you feel coming is a lie, please. Don’t let the lyrics of the song deceive you. They are not the one and they really need other bodies. God is going to provide someone else to hold your body.

3. When you are trying to be celibate.

essence by wizkid tems

Hold your body yourself. It kuku belongs to you. The last thing you need to listen to when practising celibacy is a song that brings flashbacks of fast and intense sex.

4. When you are in a long distance relationship.

essence by wizkid tems

You’ll listen to the song and have hot tears rolling down your cheeks. Then you’ll remember that you are the only body you have and be tempted to cheat because body no be firewood and jerking off is no longer enough for you.

5. When you find out they are cheating on you.

essence by wizkid tems

You gave them all they needed and knew what they liked, yet they cheated. Even though the lyrics of the song can confuse you into staying with them, you need to remember that they’re not the only ones that can hold your body. Lastly, their love is a lie and you’re better off without it.

6. When you are lonely at night.

missing your partner while listening to essence by wizkid and tems essence by wizkid tems

If you listen to Essence when you are lonely at night, you’ll make bad decisions. It is inevitable. You’ll either call Tunde or Femi (terrible men that you have no business talking to) or you’ll cry yourself to sleep from loneliness. Don’t do it.

7. When you are seriously horny.

Essence can make you fall in love when having sex, so we’ll advise you not to listen to it when you are very horny. Only listen to it when you have someone on speed dial, preferably someone who you already loves you.

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