American rapper, Swae Lee’s tweet went viral on July 11, 2023. But the Nigeria flag in his tweet didn’t help. South African thinks he gave credit to Nigeria.

Apparently, it’s the sound Swae Lee’s been enjoying since his arrival in Nigeria almost a week ago.

Enraged South Africans virtually pounced on him and Nigerians for trying to rewrite history and not giving credit to the originators of the sound. It’s understandable, since they’re not wrong with their claims; Nigerians have been talking about the South African sound with ownership because several Nigerian artists have made popular hits with it.

Swae Lee tried to clear the air about the context of his tweet but no one cared.

No culture grows if you gatekeep it. But the failure to give due credit to its roots is a disservice to it. Which is why Zikoko has come to do what’s right with a peace offerings to reconcile us with our dear Mzansi family.

First of all, stop all the lies

Amapiano didn’t start in 2021, nor did it start this year. These are bold claims; we shouldn’t engage cap like these

Credit should be given to South African acts like JazziDisciples, Mdu TRP, Kabza De Small, etc.

There is evidence that amapiano didn’t start in Nigeria and it has been around the world before it got popular here.

Dissolve the “Afropiano” title

What does afropiano even mean other than a shameless way of appropriating the amapiano culture? Let afrobeats be Nigerian and keep amapiano South African. Both can lovingly coexist.

Or South Africa can have Asake

His two album’s sounds are dominantly amapiano. He even titled a recent single of the same name. Maybe it’s a cry for naturalisation. Who knows?

In fact, they can have afrobeats too

If all afrobeats credits are given to South Africa for a year, I’m sure Nigerians won’t be annoyed . Music crosses borders, right? After all, we’re all one; African brothers and sisters.

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More collaborations with SA

The biggest Nigerian artist right now literally has a song called Amapiano and credit wasn’t given. That’s appropriation right there. This is about the Nigerian music industry in general, and credit can be given in the form of working with SA producers, collaborating with SA artists, or even shooting videos even in the country. Need I say more?

Focus on Nigerian sounds

Before Nigerian artists started facing the same direction, they explored a variety of sounds. The craze for amapiano-hits is shifting focus from motherland sounds.

Listen to only Mzansi’s amapiano

We can still enjoy the music even without making it ourselves.

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