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In many ways, multi-hyphenate creator, Santi has become the conter-cultural poster child for what is now designated as the alte scene; a cultural movement–inspired by influences as varied as contemporary Japanese anime, the pop culture of Nigeria’s 80s and 90s, or 2000s soul–that is emerging primarily out of Lagos, Nigeria.

RX-64 (The Jungle)“, a cut off Santi’s just-released studio album “Mandy And The Jungle” is a testament to the global aspirations that have helmed his approach since the career-defining “Suzie’s Funeral” put him on the radar–and got nods by Ebro Darden and OVO Sound.

You rock steady, I rock hard, yea, yea“, Santi opens a tale of two ragers, riding hard, away from all distractions on an island of his own design. It is a soundtrack to a fated love; Santi’s worries ask on the hook, “Can I trust you with my life?” ever so smoothly over groovy percussion-driven production by Odunsi The Engine, a frequent Santi collaborator and another face of the alte scene.

Not many Nigerian fans will be familiar with Barbadian Singer, Krisirie. She introduces herself as the fellow rager/love interest in Santi’s jungle with the kind of ease that I aspire to reach across every aspect of my life. Her impassioned take on reggae and R&B melodies complements Santi’s hyper-melodic crooning, thus providing some needed tailwind midway through the song.

In a manner similar to cuts like “Steal A Dime“, another Santi & Odunsi collaboration, melodies hold it all together. Since its first sprouts emerged in the early 2010s, there have been fears and assertions that the alte scene may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For what it’s worth, RX-64 is one of those songs that defy specific or mainstream tastes. It’s just enjoyable; you can’t fight that.

Stream Santi’s “Mandy And The Jungle” here.



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