For the average Nigerian, getting from point A to B involves four transport options; walking, motorcycle rides, tricycles and buses. Of the four, most people tend to use motorcycles when they’re in a hurry or over short distances. You can see how this is a recipe for problems; most regular commercial bike riders treat their bikes like weapons of mass destruction. Luckily they aren’t the only options available. Keep your eyes open for these important bits and you can tell the difference between a safe ride and one that’ll end in the giant gutter near your street.

  • Is There Even Any Safety Gear In Sight?

The most important of these is the helmet, although if you asked a random bike rider, the more stylish option is a face cap. Most see helmets as an inconvenience, so all you need to get on a ride is to come as you are. Obviously, it doesn’t always end well.

  • Does The Motorcycle Look Like Something From Mad Max?

Simply put: is the motorcycle in good condition? Walking through any random Nigerian city, you’ll definitely see bikes with pieces of metal or wire held together by tape, or looking like an exhaust pipe for a second engine. That’s not talking about those ones with no working dials on their dashboards. You don’t need to take that kind of risk with your life.  

  • Is There Any Respect For Traffic Rules?

Most bike riders swear they’re revolutionaries and the rules don’t apply to them. Bet you had no idea that motorcycles are supposed to stick to the right side of the road. Now think about how many times you’ve been on one fighting for space with a PathFinder on the left side of Third Mainland. God safe us, but first, let’s save ourselves.

  • Trained Or Nah?

Would you trust your life to a 14-year old driver whose only experience is video games and driving around in his estate? So why do you do the same with motorcycle riders? We hardly think about it but training can be everything, and trust me, you’ll recognise training when you see it,

  • The Rider’s Knowledge

Ask a random commercial bike rider if he knows the direction to your destination and odds are he’ll say yes before you even mention the place. Sad thing is, very few of them really do. Before you board a bike, you want to be sure that the rider knows the direction or, in the worst case scenario, he has some help i.e maps.

In a city like Lagos, or any other Nigerian city for that matter, getting on the right motorcycle can make all the difference. That’s why Gokada has made sure to equip their riders with the very best motorcycles, technical support and weeks of training.

Don’t want to end up praying for your life while going 240 on Lekki-Epe? Download the Gokada app now and ride through your city in the safest possible way, with trained drivers who will get you to your destination in one, unscratched piece.



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