Biggie’s been here for a while, so it’s only normal that people have thoughts and opinions about him, his people, and the way they run the show. Here are ours.

The voice of Big Brother 

Yes, Ik Osakioduwa was the host of Big Brother Africa from Season 4-9, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t returned once or twice to talk to the housemates as Biggie.

Biggie has babies

It’s no surprise that Big Brother, like every other responsible older sibling or guardian, has his favourites. He doesn’t eventries to hide it; he loves his babies, his babies love him, and we all know this. They might not get preferential treatment from production, but you will hear his love for them every time he talks to his favourites.

The show is pre-recorded

After missing one too many events and hearing all the hot gist from the housemates post-show, Big Brother and his team members might never beat the “pre-recorded” allegations.

It’s also scripted 

Something about the way some fights escalate and how some housemates move like they’re wearing puppet strings make us feel like the shit that happens in Biggie’s house isn’t a hundred percent real. We’re not saying he writes a full script and hands it to his children. We’re just saying, no one really knows what happens in the diary room when no one’s watching.

Production handpicks the winners

By all means, vote for your fave. But after watching the past seasons and seeing how things go down on the show, we suggest you pray long and hard too.You can vote all you want, but if Big Brother has decided your fave won’t win, they will  never smell that money.

Biggie picks villains

The same way he picks his protagonistsis the same way he picks their antagonists. Sometimes it might be painfully obvious  but you might never see it coming at other times.

Production plants

If Mercy Eke can bring people into Biggie’s house so she has close friends there, do you really think production can’t give housemates tasks and plant them in the house? We’ve had house guests and fake housemates, which are their obvious plants, but what if they have others we don’t know about?



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