It’s just week 2, but shout out to Big Brother and his children for acting like top bond and keeping us glued to our screens with their messiness.

HOH Games

After twerking and tugging like their lives depended on it, paired-up housemates, Blaqboi and Ipeleng, now known as Blaqleng, were crowned the heads of house for the week.

Southey vs Naija

Between Jenni O and Theo Traw’s fight that went from zero to a hundred real quick, and Thabang, Nelissa and Khosi’s egusi complaints, it’s a surprise Biggie hasn’t split the house according to nationality.

Inappropriate love nwantinti

We should come together as a community and beg Khosi and Yemi to leave each other alone so that we can all collectively REST. #Khoyemi broke up last week, but now they’ve somehow managed to find their way back into each other’s arms, wrecking chaos all over Biggie’s house.

The soft-launching of Jayvonne

Juicy Jay has finally moved past his confusion from last week and made a decision. After sharing their first kiss on Tuesday, Yvonne and Juicy Jay have moved from their throuple with Jenni O, soft-launching their ridiculously cute situationship in front of the entire house. 

Mummy and daddy yard

I mean that, literally. Lukay and Ipeleng have spent more time in the garden this week than in their combined and individual beds.

The case of the scorned

A week of confrontation. Khosi had enough of Yemi and Blue Aiva’s canoodling and decided to go to her as a woman. As expected, that went down horribly. Blue Aiva became a clearing and forwarding agent overnight, and the entire altercation opened up a can of worms in the Khoyemi/Khosicle triangle, which led to Miracle preparing himself for a possible battle with Yemi.

Clearly, Biggie’s children have all come together to star in their broadway production: The Case of the Scorned. 

The end of J.O.Y

All glory be to Juicy Jay’s unique brand of confusion. The J.O.Y squad is no more. After Jenni O went on a house-wide tour carrying face for Yvonne and Olivia and discussing her flirtatious interaction with Juicy Jay after Saturday’s party, the girlies have finally decided to be friendly from a distance. 

The word for the season is Disrespect.

If I had a naira for every time these housemates went on about disrespect. I would be able to buy like two coaster biscuits by now. The housemates have built at least twenty-five ships in the space of eleven days, that even breathing around each other can now be termed as disrespect. I need Big Brother to ban that word so we can all hear word.

Saturday night is almost here, hopefully Big Brother and his Djs fix up, and the housemates make it to next week without burning the house down.

Starting next week (January 31st, 2023)


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