Big Brother has given us toxic love, pensioner love, regular love, passionate love, and now for the first time, we’re getting secondary school love. We don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s just ridiculously cute and looks so pure it makes us cheese and blush every time we see it.

Olivia and Thabang have turned a large portion of the Big Brother audience into shippers off mere crumbs — a smile here, a look there, Thabang’s hand around her neck every now and again. They walked into Big Brother’s house acting like two secondary school students with the hots for each other, starting with Olivia’s gigantic crush…

…their weekly afterparty rendezvous where she confesses her feelings to him…

…and back to her ignoring him when the cock crows, stressing everyone out. 

Every week, we wait for Thursdays and Saturdays like we’re waiting for beans to done, just so we can see these two stare deeply into each other’s eyes. And every week, they give us ela while Thabang sends a tipsy Olivia off to bed. 

This week, Thabang reeling off his near eviction on Sunday, decides to talk to Olivia in the day… when she’s sober. But somebody, please, tell us why the boy kept hesitating?

We all thought Olivia was the shy one, but apparently, they both are because he’d say a line of rubbish about egusi soup then walk away without even looking at her. 

Then came Blue Aiva, her bestie. You know when you like someone in secondary school but can’t talk to them, so your friend has to call them for you after night prep, and now, you’re both swaying back and forth, holding hands at the back of the cafeteria? That’s what finally happened last night.

We can’t confirm or deny we didn’t completely lose it and proceed to make a fan cam of these two. What we can say is Olibang is insanely cute. Everyone should experience love like this at least once in their life. Thank you.



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